Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Great Intentions

Well for goodness sakes I never seem to be here any more. I have these great intentions of at least being here once or twice a week, then life happens and before I know it a few weeks, and sometimes more has gone past.

I don't know how many times I have needed to blog since my last one...I lost count long ago.

Life seems to be charging ahead and most of the time I am either rushing from one thing to another or to darn tired to even turn the laptop on.

So many things have changed....

The Silence stepped up ttwd...like really stepped up! There were days that I seem to be forever standing in the laundry...right up until he worked out that when I disappeared for any amount of time our teenage, soon to be 18 year old daughter got suspicious and kept asking where I was.

Then she would come looking for me.....which caused a few heart stopping moments with trying to explain why I was laying on the bed writing in a book or standing in the laundry gazing mindlessly at the wall. Mind you, it did make the time go faster when I was there to 'just calm down' on the other hand while writing an essay (by hand ...not typed..which really, really sucks by the way) it made the time seem longer.

There are no 'grey areas' in our lives any more. They have gone. Basically what The Silence says is what goes. If he does not like what I am doing, then he says so, the next time it is dealt with.

We found the grey areas were hard for him to deal with. With them now gone, our DD life is running smoother. The first week or so, I was on tenterhooks with what I said and did...it did not take long to get back into my normal..ahem....submissive/obedient side.....

 There is now absolutely no 'NO's' for anything. Does not matter what it is, the answer is not to be No. Did you know that you can replace No with 'Why' 'How' 'Maybe' 'Now?' 'Can I' 'May I' and  'Yes Dear'?

He mentioned the other night that maybe the introduction of 'Yes Sir' during discipline times might be on the cards in future too....

So our house is on the market and we have had some open homes... and a few hair raising moments of wondering 'oh my gosh did we put that away' or 'I sure hope the tool box is covered in the bottom of our wardrobe' which is where the implements are kept... Lets face it..how many people keep a wooden spoon, a spatula, a cake icing spreader (gee thanks Willie) and a cane in their wardrobe...not to mention a few other items purloined from the kitchen. And how does one explain a Loopy Johnny? or a Tawse.....

Our room when we pack up to move will be one room that no one will be helping with!!!

It is quite funny when we are looking at house to buy..our first thought is 'Will anyone be able to hear us/see us'?

Well, must move on with the day and get that blasted list finished..I know, not much of a blog, but I did want you to know that we are still alive and kicking..well, perhaps not so much the kicking!

Hugs and may your day be spank free!