Thursday, 20 June 2013


It always amazes me how much we all go through...seemingly at roughly the same time.

I blame the air...or I would if we all lived in the same country. Maybe it is the moon, or the tides, or is it just the natural progression of our emotions.


Happy, sad, joyful, angry, disappointed, frayed, excited, upset, helpless, powerless, trusting, amused, delighted, grumpy, tender, shocked, insecure, scared, worried, restless, loved, aroused, hopeful, safe...oh the list could go and on.

There are many words that describe emotions, and I think at some stage we use every single one of them in our lives with Dd/Ttwd. Sometimes they are intensified because of the way we have chosen to live our lives.

Our emotions sometimes render us powerless in the face of confrontation. We know what we want to say, what we want to do....but in many of our households it is a written, or unwritten rule not to let those emotions go to the point that it can cause pain, not only to your relationship but also to your  derrière.

Emotions are the cause of conflict..either with another person, or within ourselves. More often than is these emotions within myself that causes the most problems.

Sometimes we need to step back an examine the 'why' of our emotions. Something that I need to learn to do, instead of just letting go and aiming them in the general direction of the HoH..which usually results in being over the knee, over the bed, or over something :)

I need to learn to do this: 

Sometimes I need this many.....

And then I might need yet another reminder to stop.....

And at that point.....well emotions are so far gone that STOPPING is just not going to happen

And then I realise that perhaps I have just gone the

That is what emotions do...they often take the wrong way. Yet it is (I suppose) easy enough to stop and think before all is let loose.

Except.....I am a woman. I am me.

Apparently woman think with their emotions.


So where to from here...well this is where I am suppose to come up with some bright idea that apparently is going to solve all these emotional roller coasters that we seem to travel on at the same time...hmmmmm....

Nope...sorry not going to happen. I can only work on solving my own rebellious and sometimes rampant emotions ( that 'time')

1). I have to stop and think.

Are my emotions getting out of control (usually the answer is ....yes) and if so, it is time to slow down, take some time out to sort out whatever it is that is going on. Otherwise the potential to lose control is just around the corner from the next emotional outburst.

I need to stop and recognise the signs. Not the stop signs, but the signs that trigger an outburst.

2) Reduce or remove myself from the trigger that caused the emotion in the first place.

Okay, so sometimes easier said than done...what if it is the HoH that is the trigger. Does the rule of not walking away still come into play if I am removing myself from the 'trigger'?

So this is the time when I am supposed to step back, breathe (and probably breathe a whole lot more)

3) Processing your thoughts and turning your emotions into a positive and not a negative reaction.

I feel like laughing here...really I do.....

Because either way, if I have finally got to this stage, somewhere along the line there has probably been a spanking. So I am now positively positive that processing your thoughts while over the bed is a good place to finally end up if you have, which in my case is usually true, skipped steps 1 and 2. 

Hugs and may you have a spank free day


  1. Love the end of your post "positively positive" we do have so much time to think once we are over the bed or the knee or in my case... the ottoman. All sorts of emotional realizations come to me there! Usually I am certain that after THIS spanking I will be SO GOOD!!! ;)

    1. Oh Quiet Sara,

      I say the same thing while I am otk/otb! I promise myself each time that I am going to be SO good too..never make though :(

  2. We are emotional beings and trying to stop me from 'emoting" would be like trying to stop the tide. lol

    1. Lol Sunnygirl! I think sometimes we can be tsunamis!

  3. Hi, Hez! I just found your blog, today. I've been enjoying reading up on the past posts too. I usually skip steps 1 and 2 so therefor I find myself in a similar situation, (evaluating over the bed).

    1. Hi Sassafrass

      Thanks for reading my blog :)

      Have to remember those steps 1 and least that is what I keep reminding myself

  4. I use the train wreck analogy. I can see it coming but I'm powerless to stop it.
    I can see my attitude is awful but i can't change it. Or I can feel an argument coming on, but I can't stop it.
    It's best for mr to remove myself for the situation. But is really like the situation to not even come up. Dang emotions!

    You offer some very good tips. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Sarah,

      I have yet to still learn to remove myself from the situation...a train wreck..yes, I really like that, because often it is.
      Like you I can see it coming, but seem powerless to stop it. No brakes on this train :(

  5. Oh wow emotions are hard aren't they :(

    I find i'm even more emotionally charged since starting DD, and I find them very hard to cope with at times, I over analyse, and get myself all messed up.

    But i'm truly happiest, when I stop thinking about ti, and go with the flow.

    Thanks for this post babe, it's very interesting :)

    1. Hey Missy!

      Darn emotions...I often wonder how life would be without them.


  6. Love the signs! :) yeah, we definitely need more signs. And you're so right, once we reach a certain point, that's it, too late to go back, no chance of reigning in the emotions. The knee can be a great place to think things over. hehe

    1. Hey Es May

      Yes down on the knees can be a good place to think things the grocery list, what needs to be done etc. Often I find myself having to bring myself back to the point of why I am there in the first place...another one of my short comings!