Monday, 4 March 2013

100th Post..come have some cake

This is my 100th post! So, I baked a cake...for all of us :)

mmmmm...that looks might fine! 
Help yourself :)

And on to more pressing business...

Yesterday was a spank free day!

Whoop whoop!!

Right up until bedtime when Miss Sassy Sassy decided to join us for a threesome :( I noticed though that she shifted pretty smartly when someone got a swatting.

And this morning got off to a good start with an OTB meeting due to the fact that once again Hez could not stay in bed.

But...or butt, take your pick..

He said to me this morning when I pointed out that he was going to miss his train that -

'That this was more important, that I was more important than catching a train, and that he could catch the next one'

Ok, that was sweet.

Once upon a time he would of just left for work, in fact in some cases, left early just to get out of the house.
I cannot remember a time when 'I' was more important. I am sure that there have been times, he has just never vocalised it.

It made me stop and think that this has changed us. A lot.

I do have to stop and look at what has changed. It is so easy to get caught up in what hasn't.

There have been very subtle changes that sometimes, like this morning, I just have not noticed. Changes to the way I think about doing things. Changes to the way I now shop. Changes to the way I used to do I think first -

'What would The Silence do or say if I did this, or this, or this?'

I don't always stop and think of course... my halo isn't that far and shiny upon my head!

I feel like we have been doing this forever...this ttwd. In fact it is only since October 2012 - four months, which in some ways feels like a lifetime.

Ups and downs...oh yes! Anger and frustration...oh yes! Tears and happy moments...oh yes!

Do those happy moments out weigh the rest? Yes, in some areas they do.

There have been times when I have felt, like The Silence too I would imagine, that we are yo yos been rolled up and let out again and again. Or bungy jumpers, throwing ourselves off a perfectly good bridge into the unknown to swing back and forth, finally stopping to just hang, not going anywhere, then slowly let down to find our feet again.

Two guesses what HE is after......

No idea where this journey will lead us. Upwards and onwards I guess. There will be times when frustration will rear its' ugly head. Distancing Daisy no doubt will pay another visit and park her car on the lawn. Miss Sassy Sassy, I am afraid never goes far at all. I think she just hides in a cupboard somewhere in the house. And when she is sick of being in there, she comes out to play...unfortunately at the moment that is everyday.

Some days are like this

And other days like this

And that is the way it is :)

I hope you enjoy your virtual cake. 

Thank you for your support by reading, commenting and giving advice and sometimes a well needed laugh :)

Hugs and may your day/night be spank free!


  1. Hin Hez, We have been at it about the same time as you, there are a lot of ups and downs aren't there? Loved the pictures , can't believe you are ever that bad cat lol, love Janxxx

  2. Oh congrats on your 100th post, who knew you can talk so much hehehehehe
    I love this post, it shows your acknowledging your growth, even if there are still things that needs more attention.
    It's so sweet of the silence to miss a train to spank your backside lol it shows he is listening to you and is putting you first.
    Thanks for the cake and have a lovely day x

  3. 1 day spank free & 100 wonderful posts in a row!
    Congratulations on both accounts Hez! :)

  4. Thanks for the cake and congratulations on the 100th post :)


  5. I do have to stop and look at what has changed. It's so easy to get caught up in what hasn't.

    True. I've got to keep perspective.

  6. Um,,,October, November, December, Jaunaury, February, ( just sayin' as we both started at the same're in you 6th month love!)

    Thanks for sharing lady. Who knew we'd find such good friends ( yes I mean you! ) in this blogging process. An added bonus I guess.
    Heck! who knew we would have so bloody much to talk about? Me more than you apparently because you took 2 weeks off, and my next post is my 100th!

    Much love willie

  7. Congrats on your 100th post in such a short time.....makes me feel like a total slacker. Its been over a year and not even close to that many posts. Maybe if one wrote more she would stay out of trouble.

    The cake was wonderful, thank you for sharing.

    Does Miss Sassy, Sassy need a playdate? Maybe if we get ours together they will stay hidden for a little bit longer. It's worth a shot, no?.

    Its great to read about the progress and changes going on in both you, keep up the hard work.


  8. Congrats on your 100th post Hez! :) There certainly are a lot of ups and downs, especially in the beginning. Oh, thanks for the cake. While it wasn't very filling, it made up for that by being calorie free! ;)

  9. You made me want 8am. That's just wrong Hez. How can I crave sugar at such a time?

    You two have made incredible progress over such a short period of time. It makes me wish that I had blogged when we first started b/c there are so many similarities.

    Here's to many, many more spank free days!

  10. I'm on a diet, darnit...but the cake looks so inviting! Congrats!


  11. Wow - 100th post! That is wonderful!

  12. Wow, 100 posts, that is so wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us, and look how far you've come in these months! :) Great, already had my treat for today and that cake is making me want to break my only one treat a day rule! ;)

  13. The cake looks yummy. Congrats on 100!