Sunday, 10 March 2013

Phew..What a Week

Firstly my apologies for not being around for the last week or so.  Between having to deal with all the rain, fundraising for our daughter to go to Mozambique and major PMS'ing, or Horror Moans or whatever you want to call it, I have not felt up to blogging at all.

Also, I am very sorry, but blogger right now does not like me much, and I am unable to post a reply to most comments on my blogs. I would love too, but for some reason only half the page loads :(

The Silence has certainly stepped up to the plate over the last week. Not much 'getting away with it' going on in this house. Which is really good as now I know where I stand :)

I have now been spank free for three days! Not because I am good, just because I have no energy to be anything but a perfect Angel........another few days and that might change...


The last two mornings I have stayed in bed!!! And once again that has nothing to do with being the obedient wife. It is just that 'this month' has been a bit over the top, so energy levels are right down, so staying in bed was a darn good option...once again, that might change in a few days. We will just have to see what happens. :)

I hope that you are all well. I am aware that once again I am way behind on everyones' blogs. I will try and catch up with you all over the next few days!

Hugs to you all


  1. Thanks for the update Hez, it's great to see you back. I think everyone has had crazy weeks this month. Everything is catching up on us all.


  2. I'll be happy to read what happens when your energy levels are restored to normal.

  3. Hey you
    Was wondering where you got to. Glad your back.

    Those crazy weeks are awful, but sounds like its settling down. Great that silence has stepped things up properly :)

    Hugs x

  4. Sounds like life is really busy for you, sweetie. I know the feeling. Hugs, lillie

  5. Doesn't it feel just so decadent to stay in bed later than normal. I love the feeling. Hope things start to free up for you a little.

  6. Glad that you are well Hez. I've had a few blogger problems myself in posting comments. Can't on about a third that I try. Am fretfully behind as well.

  7. Hope you get to feeling better

  8. very pesky it is. Also, I hope you start to feel better soon, that stuff can be the worst sometimes. *hugs*

  9. So glad that Silence is finding some consistency for you. :) You sound happy, even though you are tired. :) I hope you're able to catch up on some rest soon. :)