Monday, 15 April 2013

Just a Little Rambling Post :)

Three days away at an Internet Conference (yawn yawn) but it did mean that we were away from the house which was nice.

No spanking (or hardly any) and I did find out that it is no good saying 'You cannot spank me because people will HEAR' Because The Silence will attempt to spank anyway :(

New rules are afoot in the House of Hez! (Or should that be the House of HoH?)Some I keep forgetting, but that is ok as The Silence is there to remind me of them...sometimes daily.

It really is hard to keep track them...these new rules. Some deal with smoking.
Now only allowed to buy one packet per week...sigh. That is going to be a hard one as some weeks I am pushing for two and a half packs of tobacco (I roll my own).

The Silence has certainly found his niche as HoH.

If you have read my previous post about him going all HoH in the mall, then you might enjoy knowing that the words

'Excuse ME?'

came out of the HoH'y mouth at the conference. Ok, so I was peeved and walked on past him without saying anything. But we did get some looks when he said THAT loud enough for people to hear.

Last night when we finally made it home it was 'catch up spanking' from the things that happened while we were away. You know, those things that I said he could not spank me for as people would HEAR.
For some reason, his lecture seemed absolutely hilarious. I know, that sounds is not meant to be. Honestly.

It was just that when The Silence said...

"I expect you to treat me with the most respect when we are out and about'

I just could picture one of our daughters teachers who considered interrupting to be...

'The absolute height of rudeness' (seriously, you have to have an English accent and speak in a posh voice to get this)

Well, The Silence said his piece in almost the same sort of voice...I found it funny, he did not. Oh well.

So ttwd is plodding along quite nicely right now. We seem to have found our places..hmm, some of us are still having problems in that area. Not telling which one of us though.

I have learnt this :

Then again, sometimes The Silence remains silent...this is probably the reason why...

Lucky 'crazy' does not happen often :)

Hugs and may your day be spank free!


  1. Well so glad to hear from you. Sheesh, I was seriously wondering where you went. I suppose smooth sailing makes for no need to write. Good for you, bad for my entertainment...wink.

    May you stay in your 'places' and continue to plod along.

    love willie

    1. Actually I miss the writing and interaction (made much easier now that I have stopped having problems with replying)
      I am sure, for your entertainment, that things will turn belly up at some stage.

      Here is something for your entertainment (just to keep you happy) Being OTK over the bottom bed board hurts a hang of a lot more than just over the bed...

      Hugs Willie :)

  2. Sorry to hear you got in trouble.

    1. Tis alright Tiffany, thing is, I did push the boundaries, knowing that he could do nothing about it. Plus boredom played a huge part in it too. Sometimes you just have to 'break out'


  3. Reminds me of, "Your actions are speakimg so loud I can't hear a word you're saying."

    1. Morning st,

      Yes it does now that you have pointed it out. He seems to have got it together, and I have in some areas, but still need a lot of work in others...a LOT of work :)

  4. I had to write my rules down. No lie. It's on a wipeable calander right now and will soon go on the back of our bedroom door with a picture on the other side so that when company comes, I can turn it over. But also because the door to our bedroom is never shut, so then no one is likely to see it, even if they drop by unannounced. Not sure if that idea might help you... but it's helping me. I am so glad to hear that you have both settled into your roles. :) SOunds like a good, calm place to be. :)

    1. Morning Es May!

      We have ours written down in a book. Problem being that book seldom gets bought out. I do like your idea though :) At least then they are visible. So far in the last few weeks he has come up with three new rules, two of which I cannot remember..and actually I don't think he does either. Every now and then he will say... 'careful' and I have to ask about what, then remind him that he has not made that a rule. I guess there are some new ones coming up :(

      Hope all is well with you. Hopefully things on this side of the world will settle down soon and I will be back on here as I used to be :)

      Hugs Es May

  5. Glad to hear that it's going well. New rules to remember? I have a hard time remembering the old ones.

    1. Lol Bea,

      I have a hard time remembering anything on some days!

  6. Hez what a great place to be, it is a little amusing some of the lectures our HoH come up with and then their tone. As for the rules I swear sometimes they make them up as they go. BTW saying hey that's not a rule you are crazy does not end well for my tush. Hugs

    1. Hi Cathie Cooky,

      Some of the lectures are so serious, and I know I should be respectful and all that, but sometimes, just sometimes, the HoH will say something that I think is really funny.
      Telling him that it is not a rule seems to remind The Silence that perhaps it should be :(

  7. I tend to get very butthurt (figuratively) when Daddy doesn't find humor where I do - and my assertions that he should loosen up and enjoy a laugh are met with that eye of scrutiny - HoH thing I guess, lol.

    Finding and feeling peace with your place is awesome. I'm glad you've both found your stride.


    1. Hi June,

      Ah yes...'that eye of scrutiny' Yep, I think that is an HoH trait, and I bet they all look the same when they do it too!

      I am glad that we have found our stride too. Sometimes my stride is not in the direction it should be going, but he is always there to turn me around (usually around and OTB)


  8. Great to see things are going well for you Hez. :)


  9. Sounds like life is good at your house. So nice to hear of domestic bliss. :)