Monday, 5 November 2012

Or....There is Always an Or....

Must find something other than getting into trouble when I am tired...seriously, I really do need too.

Call it immaturity, or endorphins, or blame it on the curry...or something.

How come it is so easy to fall into the trap of 'I am invincible'...let me elaborate..

CT, misbehaving (of course, I was tired) The Silence standing behind me ready to swat...
No, no no no nono no no Batman!!! (ok that was because that was the way the no's sounded)

Or this one...

Was that spanking good enough? Did it get through to you?
Yep, that was a dam fine spanking thank you...(seriously, you are laying in a dangerous spot..silly me)


How did you find this morning?
I didn't need too. I woke up and it was just there....


Move your hands...
Yep, right after you stop spanking so hard.


CT (again) hands on head...making shadow pictures on the wall. With The Silence watching (as always, why cannot I not learn this yet?) And then I hear the question 'What are you doing? Then up pops one finger, one lone, idiot finger. Standing out amongst the others that have enough sense to stay down.....


Laughing when The Silence manages to get himself on the hand or fingers with an 'implement'. Seriously it is not funny at all...nope, it is not. Especially when he is jumping around saying ow ow ow (snigger snigger)


Saying 'Man UP BUCKO!!!' to The Silence holding an implement...(sigh)

Seriously, I am no good being tired...really, it is just no good :)

And guess what...I am tired, bordering on being an absolute mess really, after only 4 hours sleep. I will go from being tired to being an idiot in such a short time. No matter how much I try and control it...I throw caution to the wind. My lips are a door that just wont shut on a wagging tongue. My brain goes into neutral where it does not think...There are no matter how hard I try to push down on our polished wooden floors...the hand brake is non existent too.

Tape...across the that could be a good idea!!!!!

May your day be blessed and spank free!


  1. I get awfully out of sorts when I am tired to, but usually that is at night. It sounds like you are trying to get through the day tired. Does a bedtime spanking help you sleep at all?

    There is lovely multi-colored sets of duct tape that you can use to match your outfit...

    BE good M3.

    1. Hi Susie, it is night and I only average about 3 to 4 hours sleep a night. I usually have a wee 20 to 30 min nap during the day, but I was so busy today I just didn't get time too. :( and I did get into trouble :( :( I got the giggles...really I was not trying to be disrespectful at all..

      Multi coloured duct tape aye...hmmm that sounds interesting :)

  2. LOL........ I'm glad i'm not the only one who says completely stupid things at the wrong time :D

    1. No Callie, be rest assured you are not alone at all. I think there are quite a few of us that have 'loose tongues' at the most stupidest moments. Problem being, it is the only time I think of something silly/funny/dangerous to say...oh well, as they say you live and learn. Just wish I would learn faster!!!

  3. oh.. I am so tired AND I tested my hubby ALL weekend. needless to say to was full of swattings.
    I get about 3 hrs of sleep nightly as well.

    Hang in there!


  4. Hi Emi, I wonder how good we would be if we got the usual amount of sleep? We could be polishing our halos all day long!
    We could be CT and spank free for days...and days...oh wait, I think I might be asleep and dreaming :)
    You hang in there too Emi. A day will come when we sleep more than the hours we currently do :)