Saturday, 3 November 2012

Two Things ....

First off...Wednesday..sorted :) Three days it had taken to get back to 'normal'. During this time The Silence was as confused about what was going on as I was. The good thing to come out of it was the fact that we communicated extremely well this (after I reaallllllly distanced myself last night by sleeping in the spare room) morning. That and the spanking that followed :(

Anyway, I was talking to him this morning about how I read others blogs here in blogland, and it amazes that 90% of the time within hours of each other we are either putting a foot wrong or having a meltdown. This is more so, in those of us that have just started on this road in the last few months.
Now wondering if it is something in the air/water/food!!!

No, not really. What I am left wondering though is there a natural flow of emotions when you first start? I know that emotions are pretty high and low, and all over the place anyway. (I can confirm that just by reading my own blogs) What I mean is....mentally and emotionally, considering that we seem to have the same problems within hours of each other, is there a progression of sorts from day to day that is similar to everyone else?

So The Silence said I had to blog about it....sigh....well, that is about all there is to say really on that subject. Any one with any ideas feel free to comment. It intrigues me and The Silence. And he will ask if anyone has replied. So please, don't be shy......

Well, today turned into an interesting day. It became a mini Boot camp day. I am now sitting gingerly on my tush, and not moving much.

We decided this morning that I needed some boosting in obeying the rules and to learn to respect the HOH, and we decided that he needed a boost and more confidence in enforcing the rules. So, all of a sudden I had two hours to put together a mini boot camp.

It has gone well.

We still have not finished it, but the HoH had to go out for an hour or so. While he is gone I have to blog and do a few other things.

It has been an interesting day, and I admire those that do Boot camp for more than one day. Ok, granted ours is a rather condensed version, done over 7 hours where the norm I think is 12.

The HoH started out well. Then got a bit slack in the middle with giving directions, which of course I took advantage of  made me increasingly frustrated, which of course meant that I ended up OTB.

The hardest bit for me of course was...drum roll please......CONTROL

It sat in the pit of my stomach each time I had to ask for something or do something. But hey, we are almost through it. Hopefully this will sort out some of the problems we have both been having. It is not a solution to everything of course, but at least it might give us both a bit of a wake up call.

I know that discipline, OTK and OTB has been hard for The Silence to do at any time. He has stepped up to the plate (or butt) today and taken charge, even when I was saying no more :(

I am now going to be on the best of behaviour so that I don't have to have him leaning over me at any stage  of the night with an implement poised to bounce off tender flesh.

Must go and do this other stuff that needs to be done before he gets back with pizza for dinner :)

May you be blessed and your day/night be spank free!


  1. You are too funny........ We totally all have meltdowns around the same time though. I think it must be somewhere in the water. Although I'm noticing you are posting at similar times of the day to me........... It was a full moon the other night.

  2. thanks Callie for posting a reply. I was able to show HoH :) yay!!!
    Yes, must be the full mooon. I totally agree. By the way, the HoH said to post this
    'BTW we do DD in QLD SEQ' (personally I think he just wants to know if we are the only nutter's in a 200 mile radius)
    And I had to post that comment from him as a)butt is protesting now about the use of implements b) he was leaning over my shoulder like he still is :) Have a great day tomorrow and may it be spank free :)

    1. If you're nutters then so are we...... We're Victorian ;)

    2. Victorian you say...well they used DD quite a bit in those days. Sorry, early morning rising does nothing for a good sense of humour :) Far to far away for coffee and commiseration :(

    3. If you are able, join Clint and Chelsea's learning dd network. Then we can chat more :) it's not the same as coffee but its awesome fun and there are some great people on there.

  3. Well not sure about in the water as I'm in Canada, but as you have been to my blog, you know MY emotions are ALL over the map!

    Oh, hello The ( apparently NOT so ) Silence!

    Not sure how it works for the HoH's but I suppose for the TiH it depends on how many emotions and experiences you have STUFFED down over the years as to how your emotional flag flips in the breeze.

    Boot camp? YIKES!!! Barney's only spanked me ( outside of play) once...still have the marks to show for it !

    Barney waits a few more weeks before 'picking up speed' I'll be lucky, there'll be snow on the ground. I'll just go sit my butt in a snowbank! Hey, I'll have to use that on my blog. Maybe this winter will have its advantages.

    Cheers my friend!

    1. Morning Wilma :)
      The Silence was not very silent yesterday. I will say hello for him, as he is still asleep.

      'Emotional flags flip in the breeze' oh, I like that :) And I have stuffed a lot down over the years. Silly me.

      Just a mini boot camp (thank goodness) Just plonked myself down on the chair, and just past the point of no return realised that my butt was about to remind me of yesterday...and it did.

      I can just see you sitting out there in the snow...

      'No Barney, I am not coming in, I am quite comfortable thank you very much'

      You could be the new garden ornament! Wear a pair of antlers at Christmas time as you sit in the snow....

      Hugs Wilma and have a great day/night :)

  4. Not sure about the water either since we are in USA, maybe Callie is on to something with the "full moon' comment.
    TTWD is a whole new approach to living, it effects every aspect of our lives, so I think all the emtions are normal. (that's what I tell myself when I'm in the middle of a meltdown, makes me feel better) I think it's how we deal with it and get through it that matters.
    Good Luck!

    1. I think Callie could be onto something with the full moon too:)

      I tell myself all sorts in the middle of a meltdown (which incidently happens a lot more now than it ever has)

      And you are right, it is how we deal with it and get through it that matters. Sometimes it takes only a few minutes or hours. Or a few days.

      Good luck to you too Emma :)

  5. Thank you all for replying, much appreciated seeing different views.

  6. I do think that there is a natural flow of emotions and thoughts that many of us experience in the beginning.
    Though in my experience, it continues beyond the beginning. It just changes and evolves as we go.

    I always found something slightly comforting in knowing I wasn't the only one...

  7. Thanks lil for replying. I too think there is a slight comfort in knowing that there are others too, that have the same or similar emotions. It just proves that none of us are alone and that we are 'normal'.
    Interested to see you write that it 'changes and evolves as we go' Hopefully for the better with less? Or do we just learn to handle the emotions better?
    Many blessings.