Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Spank Free!!

39 hours spank free...spank free...spank free...woohoo...wooohooooooo!!!!

Though I am sure that The Silence was pushing my buttons late last night to get me to say something...because he was just so annoying!

Probably didn't help that I was going:

'Na na na nah na Can't touch this'

I think he had withdrawals... (so surprised he didn't say maintenance or reminder spankings)

He did keep reminding me not to be sassy sassy sassy :( But it was just such a good feeling. Not a good feeling having to do corner time though at 11:50pm :(

By the time he wakes up it is going to be 40 hours!!! Oh the 40 hour spank free famine!!!!


Did I tell you I was spank free for almost 40 hours? I have..oh ok :)

This next bit is not DD related, but I wanted to write about it anyway.

Late yesterday we found out that our daughter will be leaving us in 6 months to go to the other side of the country for a course that she would like to do :(

Though it is good that she has been accepted (through a phone call and email, not officially yet by mail), and we were hoping she would be, it was a bit of a shock that she will be leaving us in just 7 weeks time.

Our last child is flying the nest :(

I thought I was ready...now I am not so sure. She just seems so young to be going out into the wide world, even though the course she is doing is live in, and there are many other young people there her age as well, who is going to give her 'mum' hugs when she needs them?

I will suck it up just like I did when our son left home nearly 5 years ago. I won't bawl at the airport (who am I kidding?) I will be the perfect wife and not let my emotions run wild by taking it out on The Silence (and again..who am I kidding?)

The course she is doing is extremely intensive. Time on the computer/phone is limited as there are a lot of assignment and practical assessments that need to be done. Probably once a week she will have enough time to contact us...that and the fact that there is a time difference of a few hours.

Moving along to last night and the Awards Night...

Made it!!!

And what a feeling it was, when at the end they announced, as all the graduates stood on the stage:

'Ladies and Gentlemen, the graduating class of 2012'

And there stood our daughter. So proud of her, as this year for her has been the year from hell.  But she made it, she passed! And we can be proud of her, not just academically, but in all the areas she has overcome, become stronger in herself. There have been times this year that as a 16 year old she has had to deal with issues that would have floored some adults.

And what a great feeling it was knowing that it was our last EVER awards night that we had to suffer through!! Some of the other parents were so envious. As we were walking out there were several saying how lucky we were.
Ok maybe it is not that bad, at least not now that they have changed the set up. The speeches were long though...very long :(

Back to ttwd now..

Did I tell you that it is almost 40 hours spank free? Oh, yes I did...

So I guess this is now the end of this blog :)


  1. Oh M3 so happy for you! and sad too.

    I am the youngest of 5 and it was apparently so hard for my Mom when I left. I say apparently because in my 18 year old mind I was FREE!!! As I was unpacking at University, my Dad said, " Could you at least pretend to be sad for your Mother's sake?"..lol

    As a mother now as much as I like/NEED to complain about the boys, I can't imagine them gone(some days). When my youngest went to school on the first day, I looked around at my empty house, bawled my eyes out and said " NOW what?'
    Well I'm pretty sure Silence knows NOW WHAT at your house in 7 weeks...Better work on your buns of steel while you're away! They'll be no text rule required...of course other things can happen all over the house then too! *wink*

  2. I can see The Silence saying the same thing to our daughter at the airport when she leaves. She is so looking forward to going!

    The ten minute text rule....oh, I don't think I will miss that anytime in January!!! Looking forward to those 'other' things..in a quiet house..no need to worry about whether she is asleep either!! Wink wink :)

  3. gratz on the no spanks for 40 hours... but em, it might be the calm before the storm. As Wilma says, better prepare cos in 7 weeks time you'll be his SOLE FOCUS.

  4. thanks, I almost made it 55 hours! But then he asked a silly question that required an honest answer :(

    Did not even think that I will be his sole focus once our daughter is away!!!! :(

    That is the stuff nightmares are made off :)

  5. Oh, I was just going to ask if you were still spank free but I see your reply to Fondles.

    Men and their silly questions.

    Here's to your next 40 hours.

  6. Hi Susie

    Yes those men and their silly questions!! I forgot to fill out my health diary yesterday :(

    Actually I thought I had..maybe it didn't save...sure I filled it out..oh well, I think The Silence was going through withdrawals anyway :(

  7. How many hours did you say you were spank free?

    Congrats M3!

  8. almost 55 hours...almost :) Thanks for the congratulations. Aiming for more hours starting from 9pm last night :)