Monday, 12 November 2012

Weekend and Awards Night...

Well, what a weekend...

Friday was Valedictory Dinner for our daughters graduating class. Which of course I coped with, even though I do not like large groups of people.

Things I learnt from Friday night:

Don't get up from the table thinking The Silence is following behind.

Don't come back to the table and raise your voice in a quiet (well I thought it was) whisper.

Nor do you call him an jerk.

(Ok, so it was stressful and emotional, and I have not yet learnt how to deal with this)

Moving right along to Saturday...

All day at a conference...nearly 15 hours :( LOADS of people, and I was serving morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Plus dealing with issues of the teenage variety..and not my own teenager...

Hardly saw The Silence (which would of been a good thing), but blew it that night when I called him an idiot.

Then came the Distancing

Moving right along to today...Sunday.

Woke up feeling stressed already. Time to have some down, and alone time. Told The Silence that I was not going to church. HE decided, which is his right, that as the Spiritual leader and HOH of the house that I was going.

Along came a quick OTK, and another broken coat hanger...(seriously, at this rate I wont be able to hang anything!)

Said something else and The Silence told me to 'come back here!'

Um..NO (well we had guests in the house and I am sure they would have heard the coat hanger)

So off we went, me for once changing roles and being The Silence. Church was good, and we left, for a change after the first service to come home and spend some time together...

Yep, right after my shower and a sleep.

How many times does it take a person to learn that raising their voice and calling the HOH some name along the lines of jerk or idiot is not a good idea...and just where does one let control go? Well, at the start I guess. The start of DD.

So yet another spanking...and CT and another spanking and yet even more CT..

oh almost don't call the HOH a whinge either....OK so it was not a good weekend at all.

I am now feeling more balanced and in a 'settled' place. Should of got a spanking before we left on Friday night and yesterday morning. Wondering if all the unbalanced feelings would of gone.

Is this where maintenance spankings and reminder spankings come in?


New day..Monday...

Tonight is Awards Night....another thing that I hate (along with most parents that have to go). It is a long night of speeches, cranky parents because they cannot photograph their wonderful offspring. Parents fighting over the best seats, parents bragging about their kids being the best (if only they knew the truth).

Kids getting awards that they should not be the one who is getting the 'Spiritual Award', This award is for the person who has displayed the most Christian attributes during the year...ok, so sleeping around and destroying friendships is a Christian attribute? (Would like to point out that the same kid got the Character Award last year and there was a collective WHAT!! that went through the audience when it as come the teachers cannot see what the kid is actually like, when everyone else knows?)

Or this one...the Dux of the College....ok, so this kid is a teachers kid...cries at the drop of a hat that she has failed some assignment, pulls out all the stops about how upset she is that she could not do the guess what? The teachers pull out all the stops and basically write the assignments for her.

Sounds like I am sucking on sour grapes...well, I am not. I am just a firm believer in 'give credit where credit it due' and you had better of earned it too.  In the area of awards (especially school ones) then you had better of earned it and not kissed butts on the way to getting them.

Ok, rant over...darn, that 'settled place' is slowly disappearing.... Breathe, breathe..

Five days before we leave for our overseas trip. Not packed, have not even got the suitcases out. Usually I am packed and ready a few weeks before hand. Not so this time :(
There is so much else going on at the moment with conference's, graduations and STUFF!  As much as I hate flying, I am looking forward to being able to just sit on the plane and relax. Not having to think about anything.

OH and two whole weeks of NO COOKING, NO CLEANING!! WOOHOO!!!!

Of course that also means two weeks of no blogging, or reading what is happening in your lives either :( :(
Well our room apparently does have internet, but whether blogland is a banned site or not, I have yet to find out. Facebook and anything else western I am not holding my breath on this one :(

Well, better get this day started, sorry about the rants and such a long post. :)


  1. Back to that duct tape...

    I'm kidding M3. You are becoming more and more aware of what you are doing and that is great. I think your trip is going to be a good process time for both of you.

  2. I like duct tape......

    You are right Susie, I am becoming more aware. If only The Silence knew how much I didn't say!

    I do find myself stopping either just before or mid sentence now. It has been a rather stressful month with everything that has been going on. Plus, we started ttwd around the same time that everything started piling up. This time of the year is so hectic with Dance, music, church, school, work....

    Looking forward to going away :)

  3. Don't worry about not being packed.. you'd just be adding more stuff in and taking it out again. Just make sure all your laundry is caught up an do it a few days before. You'll be all good!

    Okay not Dd related, but I've got nothing for that...unless you'd like me to mail you some duct tape with Canadian Flags on it?


    1. LOL Wilma! Obviously we are underprivileged in Australia in the way of duct tape! We can only get silver :(

      I now have the suitcases out..woohoo. And have told, sorry rather asked that everyone be organised by Wednesday with putting out ALL washing. So started...just :)

  4. Hang in there! I have had days where I am spanked several times for the same darn thing.. my MOUTH!
    It's new... right? We'll learn?

    1. Hi Emi,

      We will learn...we will! Eventually :( Worse I think when we are tired. Brain does not engage before the mouth :(

  5. It's clear that you learnt a lot of things in the category 'Don't do that'.
    Packing is something you do about an hour before you have to leave. Increases efficiency by a lot. No time to think: shall I take this or that or both.

    1. Hi Bas,

      Yes, I do learn daily 'Don't do that' but then go ahead and do it anyway :(

      I cannot pack a few hours before, though I am starting to think that is exactly what is going to happen. Started a list yesterday of what needs to be have now started..sort off :)