Friday, 9 November 2012

The 10 Minute Text Rule and Advice Needed Please

Well, well, well....

That is not what we were saying last night as we were scrambling to get 'decent' to unlock the door for our daughter who came home two hours early..... AND forgot the 10 minute text rule!!!!!

The ten minute text rule to tell us that she will be home in 10 minutes...THAT rule, that gives us time to ....well..(depending on what is going on)...get organized...

It was rather a nice way for The Silence to make sure that I was not going into that distancing place.... So much nicer than a spanking (as I had just had one for telling him 'He was a hopeless cause' and for six things I said the night before)

I was angry when he got home..with him. How can someone be so dense  slow  (insert your own word here --------- ) when it comes to their wife trying to seduce them through texts during the day?


Swearing is a no no. It is one of the rules. (Just one of the rules that I seem to break daily. Though 'Being pi***d off, has changed rather quickly to brassed off, so some improvement)

Oh crap..

You just swore

Oh shit I did

And again

Oh crap (burying my head in the pillow)

And again (this is why I call him The Silence, he is a man of few words)


HE thought it was hilarious! I doubt if I will today though. Could be time spent doing extra cleaning :(

So starting tonight, we have a full weekend. No time for discipline (not that it will be needed) and very little time alone until Tuesday. I have come to dislike these busy times, where we don't get time together alone to be able to talk or deal with things.

Speaking of dealing with things...

From the 16 November for two weeks we are away...starting with a 15 hour flight..together, with our daughter. I hate flying. I get grumpy. There is nowhere to go, and nothing to do.

I think I am going to need that duct tape...

Then, when we arrive, we are sharing a room with our daughter. 24/7 for two weeks. Plus, her and I both get PMT...makes for an interesting household when at home, let alone sharing a hotel room.....

Don't get me wrong...I love our daughter dearly...but two whole weeks, with a 17 year old, both with PMT ....

The country we are going too, is not a country where you can send your daughter out to browse the streets by herself.

There will be no internet either. So blogging will not be happening for those two weeks :( not until the 1st December)

Now this is where I need your help...

How do you do DD when in another country, with your daughter in the same room 24/7 for two weeks??????????

I guess I could try to be the perfect wife.... (yeah, that would be the right answer, but I think hell will freeze over before then)...whoops, sorry Silence.....

The day we leave is an emotional one for all of us, as it is Graduation Day. The last day EVER of school. Our baby, our last child, is finishing school...THANK GOODNESS!!! No seriously, the years have gone by so fast. It only seemed like yesterday, that I was holding her in my arms and singing her to sleep...(wipes eyes, sniff, sniff)

Anyway, back to the two weeks away...

I now feel 'off balance' if things are not dealt with. Which puts me more and more out of sorts, which builds into a melt down. (how did this start happening?)

The likelihood of us ever being alone is really slim, as it is partly a volunteer trip to help out in some schools etc.

Well anyway, any advice would be appreciated, as I think as it is getting closer, I am more and more 'off balance' trying to figure it all out.

The Silence wants to take 'Mr Glue' (A 40 to 50cm glue stick that is quiet..ish that he has fallen in love with using when the daughter is at home and we need a 'quiet' spanking. One has to keep reminding him though, that while Mr Glue is quiet..the wife of the Silence, is potentially not)

And I would like to thank the person whose blog he got that idea from about the glue sticks......

Back to Mr Glue....

Can you imagine at customs trying to explain why you have a glue stick in your suitcase....well actually two, joined together (because they were not long enough)? Customs people don't like odd things in suitcases...

Yes sir, I packed my own suitcase

And what is this

A glue stick

Seems rather an odd thing to be bringing along with you

Well, that depends on how well your wife behaves

Beg your pardon?

My wife..she misbehaves (and said wife standing next to him looking angelic)

Well, um, yes, ok sir carry on...

So, any advice would be appreciated on how to deal with DD while away for two weeks and sharing a room. It could end up being a few days of spanking when we get home..or loads and loads of corner time!

May your day be blessed and spank free :)


  1. What is this glue stick idea?

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      It is a commercial hot glue stick. Very quiet but very effective :( Usually are about 50 cm long

  2. OMG, I laughed through this whole post! :)
    I really have no advise to give you, but I hope you have a great trip. If Customs does stop you guys and question you about the "glue stick", you must let us know how that went. LOL

    1. Hi Steven and Emma,

      Dreading customs...really I am. It is such an odd thing to be taking overseas!

      And I will let post about it if it happens. I am sure it would make interesting reading :)

  3. Um, more importantly what are *WE* supposed to do while you are not blogging for 2 weeks!!?

    No advice for ya either, but I hope Silence doesn't keep tabs for when you get home, because your Butt account will surely be in overdraft. Not too mention the day to day um, things that seem to come up for you...Nope you can't afford it.

    That is to say, um...I'm sure on foriegn soil you will be the perfect submissive wifey. It is merely the air you breathe at home ( should change your furnace filter I believe) that causes you difficulty. YOU CAN and WILL DO IT!


    1. Morning/Evening Wilma,

      I blogging :(

      It is where I come to read blogs and write my own to keep my own sanity some days..and mind together.

      I might just HAVE to find some way of blogging! The country we are going too have censored could be a problem even getting onto here. They do not have fB either, or skype..sigh.

      Hoping he does not keep tabs either. There is the chance that he will take the capsicain cream to use. That stuff warms the butt like nothing else does..for AGES!!!

      I am sure that I can be the submissive, wonderful wife....(hahahahahahahaha)

      And I would change the furnace filter...if we had one. We don't have furnaces here in this wide country of ours :)

      I can and will be the good wife!!! Right after the 15 hour flight!!!!

  4. A glue stick....yikes! I agree with Wilma ( not sure how smart that makes me ;) ) but you can do this!!! It has to be something in the air or water......

    Two weeks huh? I am lucky to make it two hours some days! I will be rooting for you!!!!!!


    1. Seriously? Now you are razzing me in Australia too? Sheesh!

      M3...Picture the woman you want to be - be the woman you want to be!

    2. Thanks Lucy Lou :) Yes, I think we should blame it on the air or water. Works for me :)

      Yes Wilma, I will take that as my every five minute awake mantra :)

  5. Hey M3,

    You will be fine with customs at this end. LOL if you have to go through KL though. I got the full pad down because I had the HoHs world championship medals in my backpack. Round metal things get picked up quite quickly.

    How on earth can you have a no swearing rule. I could only have that if there was also a no beer rule and that would be completely boring.

    I wish you a very lovely holiday, and i am sure it will be spank free :) I will be CHEERING for you (no rooting :P).


    1. Hi Callie,

      I cannot imagine any 'rooting' will be going on in those two weeks!

      Not going through KL, though The Silence was through there just over a month ago. We were not DD'ing then.

      No swearing rule, well, towards that time of the month, my mouth starts to run a whole lot of words that it shouldn't be running with. So it is to avoid that scenario, especially in some of the company we keep.

      Thanks for cheering me on! I will be thinking of you all too.

  6. Hate to say it, but I doubt that the glue stick will bother customs, especially in a suit case.

    I don't know if I have much advice today. When we travel and are with other people, the physical part of Dd has to stop. I think we've always known that is a given and you may find yourself unable to use even the dreaded glue stick. I guess my encouragement to you would be to sit down and talk about where you've grown over these past weeks and months and make a mutual commitment to essentially "do your best." He can have some key words that are a bit out of the ordinary and will catch your attention when you start to stray. You would need to really want to pay attention and to reign yourself in when he uses them, otherwise there is frustration all around. At our house, we almost always come home to a monster of a spanking but while we are away we learn new strategies and it's actually a neat do Dd without the spanking part. You will figure it out and it'll go just fine. We will all miss you though!

    OH...there is that stuff called capsaican cream or something like that. We have never used it, but people talk about "silent spankings" sometimes and that's what they are referring to. Not too sure how I feel about it and it's not something that would be likely to happen here but maybe something for you two to think about if you really want the option of a physical consequence. If you do...please try it at home first with a very small amount to make sure you don't have any sort of allergic reaction. You don't want to deal with that overseas!

    1. I don't think the dreaded glue stick will bother customs either. So long as it is in his suitcase and not carry on. Never know what he is planning on that one.

      We do have a couple of hand signals that we use if he thinks (and I don't always) things are starting to get out of hand.

      I am not a patient person at all, so when all that is used up that is when things start to go wrong.
      So I can see those being used a fair bit..possibly. I could end up being the perfect wife!

      Capsaican cream we have used before...and it does burn. It lights up the butt just like a good spanking, depending on how long The Silence rubs it for. The longer the rub the more it burns. And, you don't want to rub it afterwards either. The Silence also learnt that when the burn has stopped, giving it a good rub again gets it all glowing again too. You certainly do not want to sit down afterwards! Nor do you want to get it anywhere where it should not be.

  7. hi, capsaicin, just fyi, is the stuff that you find in capsicums or chillis that give you the heat :)

    so yeah, i imagine it would burn. but as susie says, try a little at home first.. on a rather less sensitive area. i don't even want to think about it tho. that idea scares me.

    hope you have a good holiday tho.

    1. Morning Fondles

      yes, have used it before. And yes it does burn :(

      I do love my chillies! But in a good curry, not on the butt!!

      Thanks for the holiday wishes :)

    2. ok, where are you goin anyway? coming to my part of the world? I tried to look for an email address but i don't see one.

      care to drop me an email?