Thursday, 21 February 2013

Punishment Essay..500 words

500 Word Essay on Why I Did Not Complete the ‘List’ on Feb 20th

Well this is going to be hard, as I cannot remember the rules about the essay writing punishment...I know that there are some.

Oh wait...I cannot count this and above in the word count. Better get on with it I guess.

-58 words
I did not complete the ‘list’ on the 20th Feb as I was too busy whinging about inconsistency and doing a post on such subject.

Also I thought that with all the inconsistency that I would add some of my own. Because I was being a brat and certainly not submissive at all towards you or your wishes concerning the ‘List’

-38 words

I have no excuse to give for not completing the list that is there for me to learn obedience and submission to you as Head of the House.

Though it was hot and muggy and at least thirty two degrees, I cannot even use that as an excuse. It was a deliberate act of defiance and rebellion against you as I was peeved and wanted to take back some control within the dynamics of our household.

This does not show respect for you, nor does it show a good use of my time while you are at work if I choose to ignore the ‘List’.

I spent the time instead watching a movie and pottering around the house. And I had a nap.  I also spent quite some time reading blogs and chatting, emailing and having a look on facebook.

Having said this, I did do the washing, change the bed and vacuum.

I made a conscious decision not to complete the ‘List’. I did not run out of time, or have that much to do that I could not complete it.

I apologise for my bad decision making. 

The list is there so that I am obedient to you, and to also achieve not only whatever else I do during the day, but also something that you would like done that you have specifically asked to have done. Thus the obedience and accountability.

Doing such things as the ‘List’ gives me a chance to also serve you.  It is important that this happens as this strengthens not only the love I have for you but our household dynamics too.

It is important that I complete the list to the utmost of my ability, without fuss. It is also important that I complete each task on the list in a timely and efficient manner, making good use of my time.

There is also the health aspect of following through on the ‘List’ both physically and spiritually.

It is within my best interest to complete said ‘List’ when you have written ‘exercise for twenty mins’ thus taking care of the physical, and also when you have written ‘Bible Reading and Journaling’ which takes care of the spiritual side.

I still have over a hundred words to go...


As I said there is no excuse for my disobedience other than the fact that I chose not to complete it out of defiance to the rules and out of disrespect to you as Head of the Household.

I am humbly apologetic and hopefully this concludes this five hundred word punishment essay on ‘Why I did not complete the list on the twentieth day of February in the year of two thousand and thirteen’

Blast...23 words short

-7 words

I will endeavour in future to be the obedient and submissive wife that you deserve by obeying all future ‘Lists’  as this is what you wish and what was decided at the start of our journey together.


  1. Hey babe
    Keep up the good work x

  2. Hang in there, sweetie :)

  3. Bow that this done it gets better.


  4. Swear I'm not laughing but this could be a punishment at my house. Feel for you sista!
    Hang in there!
    :) catrinka

    1. Hi Catrinka,

      Gosh I hate these essays! And depending on the title sometimes it takes forever to write!


  5. Hot and muggy does me in too. I hope today is better! Hugs.

    1. So looking forward to winter!
      I do not function well in the heat at all