Saturday, 19 January 2013

Just a funny..or three

Funny how all three of these pictures seem to fit into our house quite well.......

May you have a great day/night
May it be spank free (especially for those that have carrots dangling in their faces)

Hugs :)


  1. Oh goodness, I had a hearty chuckle over that first one. lol I wonder what the poor kitty did to get in trouble. And yes, there have been times when I wish I could unsend a text or email! ;) Have a great weekend!

  2. Morning Grace

    Seriously there should be an 'unsend text or email' button. I have been in trouble several times myself for sending a text that has 'that tone'.

    Have a great weekend too Grace :)

  3. Poor kitty! Hoping he's actually just looking at a spider crawling in a crack! :) Love the first photo, that is definitely, definitely me. Before DD I would never have said I was slow, now... I'm beginning to wonder. LOL

  4. Morning Es May

    Before DD I would never have said that I was a slow learner either!! Now, like you, I do wonder :)

    And that kitty I think, fell asleep over the heater...but it just reminded me of corner time :)


  5. Fess up Hez,

    That is your cat banging its head on the wall after something you said or did to Silence.

    er that is to say, um

    Love Ya!

  6. That cat photo is priceless!
    Love it and thanks for dropping by -
    We appreciate it!
    Jack and Jill

  7. Oh may the nights of all be "discipline" spank free and spank-positive full!

  8. Lol Hez
    Had me lrolling round on the floor laughing.
    All three pictures are great and yes every time I get spanked for a repeat offence, hubs asks me " didn't you learn last time or did I not spank hard enough" well DUH, I'm just slow lol
    Thanks for the spankfree night wishes, was punishment free but still got maintanace, that carrot is dangling very dangerously close to my mouth pms
    X x

  9. I never make mistakes at all, I just regularly have a hard time thinking up reasons why they weren't mistakes to begin with.
    I think I will do alright on the spankfree wishes, thank You.

  10. ROFL - I have had that feeling about email - OMG OMG OMG I sent this to the wrong person, how do I unsend it?