Thursday, 24 January 2013

Laughter..normal or not?

So I have had a few days of Sassy Sassy following me around and getting me into all sorts of trouble with The Silence.
Corner times that were becoming rare, having made an amazing comeback. With new rules thrown in about how they are done.
New rules, decided by my wonderful enduring Hoh. New rules that I am having trouble accepting...but that is ok, I will get there in the end when the heart knowledge makes it to head knowledge that he is the Hoh and he decides how CT is to be done.

And once again I digress from my original thoughts about this post...


Not just a little giggle or a quick laugh, but a full, right from the deep down recesses laugh
just a few times
in this position  

and when The Silence is doing this...

Why is this? Why is this happening when I am being spanked, when it still hurts like the dickens?
Where is this laughter coming from?

It is rather disconcerting to The Silence, whose wife is laughing her head off while she is being spanked...rather disconcerting to me to be the one that is doing the laughing too.

It has happened twice now in the last 30 hours or so.

Is this normal? I have been known, and I know others have too, to laugh with nervousness...but this is a full laugh while OTB.


  1. Lol..... Sometimes I laugh too...... It never lasts too long, the swats get harder and faster extremely quickly. I do think its being nervous.... Or maybe embarrassed......?

    Interesting point though.


  2. Oh Hez
    You made me laugh. I dont know why you laugh, but I'm thinking also maybe nerves. Do you laugh the whole time or just when he starts?
    Mind you I did burst out laughing last night as I was getting my backside tanned. Mid swats the brush went flying out of his hand and landed on the poor dogs head. Poor dog gave out a loud yelp and walked out the room insulted. I was laughing so much I nearly wet myself ( I would say pants but didn't have any on lol)
    However I did stop laughing when he got it back and restarted :(

  3. Hez,
    You read my post on this same issue. Tonight my little dog decided to sit outside my door and howl during Maintenance. It was pretty funny.
    Fortunately, Alec understands my nerves and even has a sense of humor himself but there is a line.
    Just have to learn how to muffle those giggles in a pillow. ;)
    Hugs girl

  4. Humm...I have laughed before a spanking and knew at the time I was really nervous. I haven't done it during, but like the other ladies, I'd guess that it is related to anxiety in some way. The oddest stuff pops out of us during discipline. Keep pondering...between the two of you, you'll figure it out.

    I'll be interested in what Willie has to say. I know this has happened to her.

  5. Well wonder no longer Susie!

    LOL...This happens to me almost ALL of the time. And no Barney is no feather weight when wielding his implement ( although apparently there is more to give grrr). I am not embarrassed or nervous, as we've talked before- I suppress the 'pain' aspect of the spanking quite well, so what is to be nervous about right? I don't cry during a spanking, so I am guessing this is my big release ( although the ping pong paddle on my bum really did sound like hammering in that was funny).

    I think we are very similar Hez in our emotional way of dealing with things...a sarcastic comment to calm the nerves, or dismiss a compliment...etc...I think this is just another 'coping' mechanism . Why really 'feel' what you so desire, when you can 'laugh it up'..Hey, I didn't say it was *healthy*...but for now it is what it is....

    Much Love My giggling friend!

  6. Yep, I've done that. For me it’s nervousness and embarrassment. Once my husband asks what is he doing wrong, this is not the response he was expecting I quiet right down … don’t want the swats to be any harder.

  7. Yes, must be nerves combined with embarrassment. Probably a mental idea about what it must look like from the outside, when you're doing that.
    It must be important that he understands that you are not laughing at his spanking skills. Otherwise there indeed is a real danger that he makes the swats harder to stop your laughing at him.

  8. I'm thinking it's nerves too. I can understand how it would be disconcerting response, but I really wouldn't worry about it. ;)

  9. Um....for me it is definitely laughing rather than crying....

  10. I laugh every single time! I mean, really...I am a well-respected professional woman, Mama and Stepmama. It is SO damn funny for me to be in this position, literally. Even Will laughs sometimes.

    And it's nerves, and some embarrassment plus it's hot, in a way.

    But it has nothing at all to do with the dang spanking itself - for me it's the situation:"Pull your jeans and panties down." (Giggle...I'm in my forties...giggle...)

  11. According to the Mayo clinic ( laughing relieves stress, makes your body relax and relieves pain :) It's just the way some people react to stress. I wouldn't worry or think you were odd- lots of people do it:)I'm a nervous laugher.. that usually kicks out for me when I really stress, but if I'm nervous - I will giggle most inappropriately...I call it the church giggles :-P

  12. This is VERY normal, even as it discomfits my hubby to no end when it happens. "You are in serious trouble, why are you smiling? Do you think this is FUNNY?" Thanks for bringing this up, I am going to share this post with him!

    Be well,

  13. I thought I replied to this... but maybe I didn't... I find that I laugh just because the position in and of itself sometimes if funny to me. I mean, on the outside we are this very normal, vanilla couple. And then I think about that when going over his knee, and just find it funny and then laugh. :) Not often, but from time to time. :)

  14. I'm with June! I think it's a nervous giggle :)
    I don't have that problem.. But I can see how it could happen!!

    1. Also- nominated you for the award that's going around. Details in my last post!! :)

  15. Hey,

    Ive sent you an email..... those floods are looking rather nasty! Hope you're ok :)