Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Day Before...and The Hoh's Woodworking Skills

Do you like these?

The Silence made them...clever isn't he?

Made from Redwood Red Oak and sting like h**l

Today is the 'Day Before' Boot Camp. He says we need it, I say 'Lets not do it'. He says yes we are.

So we are 

Two guesses on whose face is who's...

So anyway, today I lose all privileges. That is laptop, phone, smokes, mypad, etc. So not too sure on when I will be posting any blogs. I do know that he has (at some stage) featured in blog time, that he will read before I post.

Currently waiting to go over the rules etc.

I am sure this is going to be quite the experience over the next three or four days. I am sure I will be learning a lot about my submissive and obedient qualities.

And about each other.

Our daughter left for 6 months away on the other side of the country this morning, so this means there will be no interruptions to any of his our plans.
Hope to catch up with you all soon. Not at all sure how much time I will have on here, so I am unsure about being able to comment on anyone's blog.
I will still be thinking of you all, and hoping that you are all spank free :)
Hugs :)


  1. They're beautiful! You could sell them. My Daddy would love 'em. Good luck, M3, you can do this! (((Hugs)))

  2. Thanks June :)

    I am quite impressed with them (looking at the craftsmanship that is). Though I knew he would do well as he is quite talented in that area, I did not realise that they would look like shop bought ones.
    We did discuss making and selling them, but I sort of disliked that idea after he said we would need to test each one...and that I could be quality control :)
    Struggling right now with the whole loss of ALL control..but you are right...I/we can do this :)

    Hugs to you June

  3. Wow...those are some very professional looking paddles.

    Sorry for your bottom!

    I hope that if you decide to do the boot camp that it goes well. We'll be here to hear all about it.

    Be gentle with her Mr. Silence...please.

    1. Hi Susie

      They are very professional looking paddles, and feel very professional too :)

      And I gentle Mr. Silence :)

      Hugs Susie

  4. Well Good Luck my friend(s).

    I hope you both manage to achieve whatever goals you have set out for each other and yourselves through this process.

    Big Hugs...and I'm working on sending a snowbank your way!

    Much Love

    1. Morning Willie

      I hope that we achieve the goals too...preferably within the three day plan, and that there is no need to add on another day if it so please's The Silence. He has made up the timetable for day four just in case though :(

      Sending that snow bank would be good :)

      Hugs and much love right back at you :)

  5. Good luck is all I can say. The woodworking is beautiful but doesn't bode well for your tush. Do you think he could make them out of balsa? That would be my speed.

    1. Hi Sunnygirl

      Thanks for the luck :)

      Balsa wood..yes, I did point that out to him a wee while back..but that was a 'No' :( I would prefer Balsa myself....


    2. Or feathers...feathers would be good....

  6. Wow, those are truly spectacular. I can imagine what an impact they make.

    Good luck, Having everything taken away is huge. I hope it goes well...and you're happy with the results. Good Luck!! We'll miss you!

  7. Morning SirQsmlb

    I am allowed on for an hour in the mornings. So try and rush around and read all the posts and comments in that time. Plus try and write my own.

    Those paddles do make an impact! The sting is incredible! Not to keen on putting a foot wrong with those now in the house.

    Thanks for the luck :)