Friday, 18 January 2013

Moody Moments...or Days...

'How do you think today went?'  He asks as my back is to him laying in bed.

 (The Silences normal end of the day question that I hate, as we always seem to see things differently....I see it as great and he sees it as something...well...different...purposely as he might, just might, be able to be persuaded otherwise)

'I think today went well' (please, please, please can we not have this conversation)


'Yep, I hardly talked to you, so didn't get into trouble there' (yeah, there was a reason for that)

'You did a lot of swearing today' (Yes, dear...but only little swear words)

'I did? oh...well I will try harder tomorrow'

'Come on.....'

'Come on where?' (as if I don't already know :( )

'You have been out of sorts all day. Maybe I should of caught this earlier, but you are not yourself. Now come on'

'But I am myself...come back to bed'

(Darn, I can hear him get up and rattle in the 'implement' draw. So I close my eyes and hope for the best 'pretending you are asleep' show ever)

'Hurry up!'

(Obviously my acting skills still need some polish if I cannot do a 'pretending you are asleep' show successfully) 

'But I am fine, I am just tired. Do we really, have to do this tonight? Can't we just go back to bed and go to sleep. Come on, (as I pat his side of the bed) come to are tired...very don't want to be doing this tonight.
And I am all good...seeeee.....(as I smile into his face which worked about as well as pretending to be asleep did)

'No, you are not all right. What was wrong today?'

'I was just...I don't know...grumpy. Pms'ing or something. But I am all good now' (Which I wasn't, and not to sure if I am now either the next morning)

'Right. Pants down'

'How about you drop yours and lean over the bed, and I spank you?'


'Oh alright' (so I pull his down instead...honestly, I thought that was what the NOW was for...actually no, I was delaying)

The Silence just stands there, shorts around his knees...he is not moving at all. No Siree, there is no smile, no movement. Maybe, just maybe I have pushed the line a bit too far?

'I am going to count to three, and you had better have your pants down and off and be over the bed'

'Alright already'


'Slow down'


'You are counting to fast!'

(pants are at least down at this stage, but still getting to the OTB position)


'No, no,no WAIT! You counted to fast. I am getting there. Hang on'

'No, you get there now. I did not count too fast at all'

'I am not bending over there now. You are going to swat me with that thing before I get into position'

'No I wont'

'Go over there then so you can't reach. Are you sure you want to do this now? We could do this tomorrow instead?'

'Get over the bed ...NOW!'

So that was how last night ended. I went to bed with a glowing bottom. Yesterday was not a good day. Today, will be better. . . so long as I can get out of this mood I am in. I am fighting it, but it is like a loosing battle. Like I am in a fog or something. Sounds silly I know, and should be easy enough to drop the 'moody attitude' I is my attitude/ therefore I should be able to change it.


Well, we shall see how today goes. Maybe we just need to lock up the house and go out for the day....yeah, maybe not....


  1. We all feel like this at times. Hope you have a much better 'PMS feeling' free day today :)


    1. Thanks Callie

      Today, so far, is better than yesterday :)

  2. Hugs. I'm having one of those days too.

    1. Hugs right back at you Elle :)

      (I hear chocolate helps)

  3. Okay so yes, the first half....I can relate to...the second know AFTER you pulled his shorts down....well let's just say I finished reading with my hands over my face!!!! You are a brave lady! Hope you feel better :)


    1. Hi Lucy Lou

      Having a better day today...just.

      The problem being with last night, is that I get tired...then get really silly (sassy) always have :(

  4. I enjoyed this post a little too much Hez! I have pulled his pants down and don't do it anymore. Just sayin.

    I think my guy would read this and have one word to say (his favorite this week.) Obstreperous.

    I hope yesterday went much better!

  5. Hi Susie,

    Don't think I will be pulling down his shorts anytime soon either!

    I do like that word - Obstreperous. I did have to look it up though. Wondering why your guy has it as his favourite word this week though?

    Today was much better thanks :)

    1. See my last post...will make more sense. :)

  6. I laughed when you pulled his shorts down. Totally something I would have done.

    I think the moody thing is contagious, seems to be going around. Hope today is better.

    1. Hi Yearning Letgo,

      Oh my gosh, sometimes I do the most stupid things! Especially when I am over tired. It seemed like a really good idea at the time :)

      I did notice that the moody thing was going around. Seriously think it is something in the air!

  7. Oh bless you for pulling his pants down. Again I held my breath for you.
    You going to give me a heart attack lol
    Sorry you down in the dumps, hope you feeling better soon x

    1. Morning Mustbecrazy

      I think at that stage I was holding my own breath!! Feeling better now thanks :)

      Hugs and may your day be spank free!