Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

So our first time Maintenance happened last night.

(Well, they didn't appear, as they didn't need too
I went for the more audible option)

What was originally a maintenance turned into a punishment. And from there went to this:

To this:

To this:

Which left him thinking this...

 And I do too...very early

Which led him to do this:

Which lead to this.....

Actually, Mr Glue does not look like this

More like this.......

which led to this...

Which was not quite the emotional release that was needed
But it all came out.....

 in the end...


  1. Thought bubbles! That could be the solution. I've heard so often around Blogland: "Why cannot he read my mind? I want him to read my mind!"
    Oh, please, do tell, why would you be so screwed?
    Glad everything came out good.

    1. I am personally very happy that Barney can't read my mind! Yikes. Just sayin'...and kidding

    2. Oh Bas, if I told you why I would be so screwed, I would probably be banned from Blogland! And I would never sit down in a month of Sundays!

      Like most on here, I think having thought bubbles above our heads would be the worst thing possible.

      So much easier letting the Hoh guess!

  2. I've noticed a lot of people recently are having difficulty when they mix Maintenance Spanking and get it mixed in with Punishment Spanking. They come from, and are used for, two completely separate physical & emotional reasons. They are separate tools at the HoHs disposal.
    I'm glad everything turned out as a "thumbs up" in the end though :)

    1. I am glad everything turned out right in the end too :)

  3. Well as long as it ended well, maybe not On YOUR end. Once it's over, what a relief! Okay, can't speak to the punishment part, but I can to the reset!

    - so no micro mini skirts this holiday season M3?

    Much love

    PS I've never wanted a thought bubble, I'd get in way too much trouble, perhaps even arrested in public places, but I secretly always wanted my own background music while I walked about- like in cartoons. Oh, on bad days, I could have the Darth Vader's theme music following me around! On amorous days, the theme from Jaws, or Maneater from Hall and Oats ! Mostly though I'd have Music Box Dancer by Frank Mills following me around, well because I am a living Fairy Tale....wink

    1. No micro skits ever Willie!!

      Thought bubbles would reveal so much more than I think we would need to reveal...bad enough having to reveal one 'end' of our lives, without the thoughts being out in the open at times!

      Lol at your theme music days :)

  4. O_o thought bubbles would be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

    1. yep, they would be June...really, really, really bad!

  5. Oh, I just don't like those glue sticks... pure evil!
    We have had a only a few maintenance spankings so far, but one turned into punishment...yuck

    Oh Bas, there's no way I'd have thought bubbles... I'd NEVER sit down if "H" could read my mind...

    1. They are evil Emi :(

      And like you Emi, I would never sit down either, on some days...