Saturday, 29 December 2012

My 500 Word Essay...

The essay that I had to write tonight, since my mouth got a bit of exercise this afternoon. Was meant to be a spanking but The Silence was nice enough to forgo that as I am not feeling well :) 
PS: there is 509

The Danger of Putting Incorrect Labels on People

Labelling people is dangerous because they can take on that persona.  If you constantly put incorrect labels on someone then they can come to believe it, and start acting that way.

It is also a disrespectful thing to do as you are not respecting them as a whole person, of who God made them to be.

This can stop the person from fulfilling the gifting that they were born with if they come to believe that the label that people have put on them is true. It stops their growth both spiritually and emotionally.

Though healing can come when they learn that they are not what people have called them all their lives, it does take time to reinstate them to the person that they were born to be.

Anybody can be affected by labels. Whether you are young or old. In todays society it is common for labels to be attached to people. This is not always good, especially if the persons being labelled are not in the ‘category’ that they are being labelled with.

It can be detrimental to their employment, education and general well-being. If the label is something that is derogatory it becomes an issue of self worth.

Do they believe that what people are saying is true? Why try, or bother to correct them?
And why not just ‘give in’ and live the life of the label?

There are a lot of ‘misfits’ in communities today because of labels. Labels that the people have come to believe or have just given into, instead of believing in themselves.

On the other hand, there are the everyday labels, or names that we call each other. These also can be derogatory in nature and not nice to be on the receiving end of.

Within a marriage often labels or names are said in frustration or anger. However this does not excuse the fact that it is wrong and should not be done.

Husbands and wives should respect each other, with terms of endearment and not labels. Like those in the communities, it can be detrimental to the wellbeing of the husband or wife, with either one starting to believe that, that is the way they are.

With this happening, there becomes a strained relationship between the two. Respect, trust and love starts to falter, putting the relationship at risk. 
Sometimes causing damage that requires a lot of repairing if not straight away, certainly in the later years of the marriage.

It is especially not recommended if you are living in a DD/Ttwd relationship. You could find yourself having to write an essay on ‘The Danger of Putting Incorrect Labels on People’ and struggling to find enough words to fill out the five hundred word requirement, when you would rather be having vanilla cheesecake with passionfruit sauce.

One also must remember that the title is not included in those five hundred words.

So, remember that labelling people is not a good idea at all to be doing within a marriage.


  1. So did the vanilla ice cream part put you over the limit then? LOL

    You know we teach kids " Sticks and stones may hurt by bones, but names will never hurt me" pretty much the big lie of childhood. I have often told the boys that words only have power if you let them.

    That being said, those are for people outside of your home. You can brush it off as them not 'knowing' you. Inside your four walls of your home should be your safe haven. Where you as an individual can be free to be.

    There is a danger of labeling someone, especially if you are experimenting with something new. The four walls that are supposed to be your safe haven, have now become an arena- Where you are unsure of your next move, and how it is going to affect your 'opponent' ( not that I think ttwd is a aggressive battle). It is shaky at best for both parties involved, but mental warfare has no place in the safe haven :)

    I'm not too sure about the label aspect as it pertains to myself, but I do know that certain friends perceive me one way, and good or bad I have a tendency to give them what they think I am. It is not always a great feeling.

    I hope Silence's essay assignment has given you the opportunity to see the other side of this issue. He's a smart man that HoH of your's. A spanking would have just addressed the behaviour at the moment :)

    Much Love

  2. Yes he is a smart man :) and the assignment did give me the opportunity to see the other side of it..I only called him 'Lord Muck' :(

    Not in a good place right now with not feeling well, so things got a little out of hand

    1. Lord Muck? Brilliant one. Oops. sorry about the essay. but i giggled at the end as well!

  3. I would've rather had the vanilla cheesecake, too :)

    1. Lol Elle,

      Did end up with some vanilla cheesecake :) It was really, really good too :)


  4. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    1. Thanks Sunnygirl,

      Hopefully in a few more days :)

  5. You know....the 6 year old part of me got the mad giggles over the last section. The assignment kind of fits in with what Daddy always will always be what you do they get so smart?

    1. Hi June :)

      I have no idea how they get so smart... I think for years they play the 'I have no idea' hand until they are given the 'authority' back and they have to start thinking, instead of us..this of course is said with the utmost respect :)

  6. I kinda chuckled at the last part too! :) Sorry....

    I hope you are feeling better soon...and I have to work on this too. In fact, it is on my list for the week....dear God....I hope Ryan does not hear of this whole essay idea. Yikes!

    1. Hi Lucy Lou,

      Tis alright, gosh I was struggling to find enough words to fill it out to 500! A lot of it was just repeatable waffle, but written in a different way. Only had a short time to do it in, so was a bit rushed.

      Did you want me to drop Ryan an email and let him know how good it is to give essays?

      LOL, I would not do that to you :) I have a 1000 word one saved (somewhere) that I was going to post up at the time. I cannot even remember what it was about now. In that one I counted the title in the 1000 words, and got into trouble for not following the instructions, because they were written down. Oh well, I can see a few more essays coming up too'

      Really hope you do well this week! Or will we be reading an essay from you too? :)


    2. Oh dear Lord no essays here please! This was our read a blog night....and Ryan of course had to read your little essay here....hope to goodness he is not getting any bright ideas ;)

    3. LOL I will apologise in advance then :) That is the problem I guess of having the Hoh read blogs..that is where The Silence got the Mr. Glue idea from :(

  7. Yes, you could have been in a 'sticky wicket' cricket situation, as they say 'down under' in Australia. But 'how's that', for my comment. Does'nt that 'bowl you' over.

    1. Hi Sixofthebest,

      Oh yes, your comment is brilliant! You could say I was 'all out' of options or that there was no 'appeal' and that it was just 'bad luck mate' And that he missed out on 'bowling a maiden over' at the end of the bed.

      Ok, confession time..I did have to look those things up as I am not a 'sporty' person, nor is this country my place of birth... I was born on the winning side, or at least I think they are still the winning side :)

      Thanks for your brilliant comment though :)

    2. This might 'stump you', but the three names I know most about the game, are named Don Bradman, and Dennis and Lesley Compton. Also of the 150 countries I have visited during my lifetime. Australia was one them, and you can be proud of your adopted land, as I was when I saw some of its beautiful sights.

    3. Don Bradman I had heard of. Had to look up Dennis and Lesley Compton though.

      We do love this adopted country of ours, but sometimes it would be nice to see the green hills and clear rivers of home :)

  8. I like this post and the sentiment behind it :)
    Sorry it came from getting in a bit of trouble first.
    Hope you feel better soon...
    or maybe after a couple more posts? :) lol

    1. Evening MrBB

      Glad you like the post and the sentiment behind it. Will not be calling him 'Lord Muck' for you might not see to many of these types of posts :)

      Starting to feel a bit better thanks :)

      Have a great day!