Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Maintenance Needed

So, I never thought that I would be wanting a spanking...I mean who wants to be OTB/OTK?

The Silence has been mentioning maintenance more and more in the last week or so.

Not surprising really.

I hate this time of year. I dislike the busyness, the crowds, the expectations put on you to 'provide' a good Christmas.

I hate the memories of Christmas's past, from when I was growing up. I find it hard to accept gifts. Really hard.

Anyway..moving right along...

This week the emotional tension has been running high. I have had no patience, or understanding let alone a submissive attitude.

 yep..that is about it

Christmas, our daughter leaving in 16 days, the heat, and the amount of teenage visitors have all contributed to the feeling of being 'out of control'..sigh. Seriously, one would think I could keep it together for one night.

We have been unable to OTB (other than a short OTK with Mr Glue and a few quick swats) for over a week now. Could be longer...feels like longer.

And I need it. (really? I am admitting that?)

Because we have been unable to 'see things' through, that release has not been happening. So, even though I know it is happening, I have been letting things slip. My attitude for one. Arguing over CT, arguing over most things.

Disrespect is running high on the list and sassy sassy.

Oh my gosh, I know this is all happening, but fail to put brain into gear before engaging mouth.

I am pushing all the buttons. Poor Silence.

Many, many thanks to Willie for helping me with this pic.
She is brilliant! :)

So, I am guessing that the next time we have time alone, I might be spending the evening OTB. Hopefully that will sort the attitudes and put me back on track to where I am supposed to be, instead of this feeling of being unbalanced. 

Yep, there is about 4 minutes left.....

Once again, thanks Willie for your help with the cartoon :)

hugs all :)


  1. Sorry about the stress. It comes with this time of year. I think Santa drops it off. Love your cartoons.

    1. Hi Sunnygirl..

      Silly Santa, he would be better dropping of a paddle.... :)

      And thanks for liking my cartoons (thanks to Willie for the HOH one)


  2. Stress is sooo high for me too! hang in there... it's the season! that plus teens would have me a mess!

    Oh I love those sassy buttons! LOL

    1. Hi Emi,

      Yes, teens...would gladly tell them all that they do have their own home to go to. But hey, the house will be empty and quiet in 16 days..then I will probably be wanting them all back!

      Those sassy buttons just seem to jump of the had to use them :)


  3. It is a stressful time of year and if there was ever a time to try "maintenance" now would be it. sigh. Sorry about that.

  4. Thanks Susie :) yes, it is a good time to try it

  5. Well we've already 'talked' this out elsewhere, but I would like to say, um , communication-- and diving behind my sofa now.

    Silly girl, you've already thanked me- you don't need to do it publicly, and you certainly don't need to continue to! You are STOP!

    Much, much, Love

  6. Morning Willie,

    Did I say thanks for your help?

    Hugs :)