Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Oh My Gosh...Give Me Back My Halo!!!

I want my halo back......I have earned it!!

Did you hear me, I made it :)

Other than the two corner times and one tonight (very briefly) I have managed a spank free day!!!!

(Ok, there is still and hour and a bit till bed time)

The Silence bought out the scales tonight..you know the ones that are a females worst nightmare...not the ones you use to measure ingredients.

I got a bit sassy, not much, and kept quiet when he said enough.

I NEVER get on scales, and certainly not when he is around!!

So, I bit my tongue in obedience, and stepped onto those lying scales...this set has all the bells and whistles. Measures BMI,  how much water, how much fat content etc.

You put your age in (which he got wrong...by being 9 years younger..then told me that, that was the age I was to him...nice...or at least a darn good save), female and height.

Then they lie to you.....

Anyway, give me back my halo....

You want to know why?

Because I thanked him for caring for me. For letting me see how much weight I had lost and how much more I had to go.

Poor Man.

He looked flabbergasted. Said 'thanks, I think'

Then I obediently went and had a shower, hugged him, and sent him still looking stunned out the door to pick up our daughter.

I have stilled The Silence with my submission and obedience.

Now where is that halo?


  1. Good job! See, that was more than one percent!

    1. Thanks Susie, Yes, beginning to see that the 1% is doable :)

  2. Fantastic! So happy for you!!!

    And with how hot it has been there lately, you should be able to sweat out more too!

    ( I'm kidding of course, that just means you need MORE water!)

    Way more than one percent! So don't fret the beginning part of the week- you've caught up!

    1. Hmmm, could of been the 'more water' that helped with such a show of obedience.... ;)

  3. :)

    Very good!!You deserve that halo for sure! and to leave Him silent? I love it!!

    1. LOL Emi, I was so surprised myself, that he just didn't know what to say!! Had a bit of a giggle after he left, his face showed that he was way out of his depth in knowing how to deal with my sudden change.
      Really, it is worth the obedience/submission just to see it again :)

  4. I wish you luck in getting your halo back :) let me know if you find mine while you're at it :P


  5. Well, sorry to say, I lost it again today..went looking for yours, but I think both of ours might be in some black hole somewhere inaccessible...for now.

  6. Congrats on everything! Wear that halo with pride. :)