Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Halo Days..Oh What Bliss :)

Well hello my dear readers and friends! Nice to see you back again :)

Today could possibly be Day Three of Halo Days!!

Yep, you heard right....Day Three..whoop whoop..

Ok, so I have spent time in the corner...(The Silence thought it was hilarious that someone who shall remain nameless said to put a tree in every corner, so that I had something pretty to look at while I was there).

I have been a bit.. just a tiny bit...SASSY and those toes have started dancing the sassy sassy dance quite a few times.

Yesterday I wrote a post about connection. Once again, it was IWO that I should start thinking about the plus side..the connection. And I am still thanking her today :)

Every bit I wrote is true, I love this man of mine. Even after we have dealt with 'issues' I now snuggle into his arms, to feel that closeness, his warmth, his oh so wonderful body...shhhhh, better stop there!

Anyway, this post is sort of about CONNECTION again...but on a different level. One that has the potential to, well, you know...end in 'that' way.

I am not supposed to say ':whatever'  neither that quietly or this loudly 'WHATEVER'...So I don't (most times)

Now apparently I have the 'Whatever' look. I can be thinking it, but not saying it.

Thanks to the new connection (which regardless, by the way is a wonderful thing!) The Silence has now learnt, and is starting to get to know that 'whatever' look.

He almost got me this morning.

'That is a Whatever look!'

Um, noooo, what look is that?

'That look you just gave me. It looked like you were thinking 'whatever'

No, why would I do that?

'That was a 'whatever' look wasn't it?'

Nope, not at all...It was a loving look, like this' (as I gaze into his wonderful brown eyes)

He was not quite buying it you know..will have to practice my loving look more :)

Connection. Yep. Once  a time he would just go on with his business and me mine. Now, because we take notice of each other, are more in tune with each other, I will have to be careful with the 'face'.

I can laugh about it , found it quite amusing this morning too. I might not at some other time, but for now, I can smile, and be glad, that The Silence noticed my 'whatever' look.

Seriously, it makes me happy.


  1. Oh dear... If he ever tries to read my face ill have problems. Lucky his vision is particularly terrible and he wouldn't notice anything that subtle :)

    I'm glad you are feeling happier today M3


  2. Thanks Callie

    Will just have to remember not to look at him when I am thinking it now :)

  3. Oh, my M knows that look and he says the same thing. I say if I don't say anything I'm innocent. Of course by this time I have opened my mouth and by the time I'm done...well...you know.

    It is really sweet when they start noticing the little things. You are a blessed lady M3!

  4. He may be Silent but he's also observant. Good for you. (Happy to make him smile :))


  5. We JUST had a discussion at church on Sunday about actions with our body and face are the SAME as saying something with your mouth...
    I know MY "H" loved that... completely justified past spankings I've gotten for the old "Whatever" eyeroll / smirk...