Sunday, 23 December 2012

Boss Day

Yesterday was
  'Boss Day'.

The day that there is a No Tolerance Policy in place. The rules are to be obeyed or else....

The Silence went off in the morning to take our daughter to work, said he had some shopping to do and wont be long. Ok, all good. But one thing you need to know about The Silence and that is when he says he won't be long...well....

Want to see what he bought?

Funny man isn't he?

He did not have to wait long to use it either :( Several times.... before I eventually gave in and got the message loud and clear.

The both of us have had a rough time of it since coming back from our trip overseas. It seems for every step we take forward there a dozen backwards. 

It is like doing this:

Pre-overseas, we were starting to get into the swing of things (well, someone was). We were finding our feet, finding our roles, finding, even if it was only small...submission.

I think going away so early on at the start of ttwd was a bad idea. An idea that could not be helped, but a bad idea nevertheless. 

Two weeks without any accountability, no repercussions for anything said, has put us both on an uneven keel.

The Silence goes from being diligent and on the ball to ignoring things that he should pick up on. Some days there will be a run of 'hold your tongue' to a run of, well, nothing.

And I am the same. I swing from being obedient to being downright rebellious at times.

We have discussed this, many times, and have decided that we have to re-learn all over again both our roles.
Oh, I know we were nowhere near them before we left, but it did seem easier pre trip.

There has been a lot going on in our lives right now too, which has not helped. And Christmas it the worst. Major changes to our household with people coming and going etc, have put things just out of sync.

It is like being one of these balls

But each day is a new day. With new beginnings, and hopefully the lessons learnt the day before, for both of us, will not be forgotten when the new day dawns. :)


  1. Ironically Barney has the most time off in a row since starting ttwd, and it is during a time that is very difficult to do ttwd...well for newbies anyway.

    I hear you loud and clear....we'll commiserate and support each other through this :)

    Much Love
    Willie PS..posted more pics for you

    1. It would be difficult at Christmas time with everyone home. We have just gained an extra in the house, yet another waif of the streets (it is just what we do) only for a week, but it is going to add to the 'tension' (as the Silence) refers to our current state.

      Yes Willie we can commiserate together :)

      Thanks for the pics, loving looking at the snow.

      Luff me :)

  2. Just keep trying is all you can do. It's not something that's learned over night. Even then from what I've read, it's something that constantly changes. Good luck and don't despair.

    1. Yep, keeping that in mind. There are always changes :)

  3. Hi M3,
    Starting over, re-starting and revitalizing when you first begin is natural. Sometimes it's helpful to have a basic set weekly schedule that includes DD aspects early on. (two scheduled Sit Down Discussions, one fun Experiment Spanking a week etc...)

    1. Morning MrBB,

      Thanks for the advice of having a set schedule each week. Much appreciated... there such a thing as a 'fun experiment spanking' ? :)


  4. Of course there is! :)
    Everyday in a DD relationship is kind of like Xmas everyday...
    anything you dream can come true! :D