Sunday, 2 December 2012

Travel and Silent Melt Downs

So I have two weeks of blogging to catch up on, but instead of boring you with day to day happenings I will try and keep it all to this one blog. Besides, it would take forever to get through the last two weeks of sassy sassy toes and the baiting of The Silence, knowing that he could do nothing about the sassy sassy.

I am going to blog about the flight over. And very briefly about the flight home.

I don't travel well. Three hours on a plane is my limit, before it is a case of aching legs, boredom and restlessness. This was my first flight of 8 hours to our first stop (Singapore) and then 4 1/2 hours to our final destination in China. And we left home at 5.30 pm, as it was the only time we could be dropped off to the airport. We did not need to be there until 10pm :(

The day we left was also the day of our daughters graduation from school. Also the day that it came home to me that she would be leaving home to continue her learning in 7 weeks time. So it was an emotional day all round, right from the start.

It was also the day of the Death of Mr GlueStick!!

Going to back track a bit here in case you are a first time reader (as I notice that I have some new followers..Hi to you all :)

Mr GlueStick is, or was, The Silences favourite 'implement'. He had read about it on someone else's blog and thought what a good idea it was, since it was effective as a spanking tool and also it was silent.  He had used it, almost daily, since I am a slow learner :(
It hurts like h***!!! Has whip like tendencies if it reaches to far around the butt and I hated it with a vengeance!!

Anyway, the day we left was as I said, an emotional day, which resulted in some pretty rough bits throughout the day. I visited the distancing cave quite a bit, talked back and did all the things that one should not do when living the DD lifestyle. The Silence was pretty gracious throughout most of the day, but there came a point when he thought that he had better step up and take back control.
Out came Mr GlueStick. Well, probably not a good day for him to come out from the bedside draw, as by now I was an emotional wreck trying to keep everything together, including the dread about the flight.
He only got in about six good ones, before I was up and telling him that it was enough and that he was never going to use Mr Glue again. Yep, a major meltdown. But it did see the end of Mr Glue.

RIP Mr Glue. You are going to be sadly missed...NOT.

Anyway, this blog is starting to look rather long, so I had better get on with it :)

Did I say I hate flying? It is not the plane, or the take off or landing. It is the seats, the inability to get up and do something (and have a smoke  :(  

My legs start to ache round about the one hour mark. It is not good. It is not good knowing that it is going to be nearly 24 hours before you can actually arrive somewhere and MOVE!
I didn't sleep on the way over. (the flight left at 12.45 am) After a few hours I was starting to get a bit, just a tiny bit fractious. Grumpy, short tempered with whispered 'be careful's' in my ear.

Quite frankly at this point I didn't give two hoots what was said. I was still angry and upset about my own conduct with the Mr Glue episode, that I could not just 'suck it up and take it'.

The Silence could of whispered all sorts of statements in my ear, it would not of made any difference to the final meltdown in that plane. The Silent Melt Down, cried into the airline pillow at 2am.

Right then I could of walked up to the pilot and told him to set that dam plane down...anywhere, don't care where, just land the dam thing.

I was angry, upset, tired, and The Silence and daughter were asleep (which was a good thing).  The person behind me kept poking the back of the seat all the time, the person in front watched movies that flickered across my eyelids every few moments. I know I complained loudly. I didn't care.

If we were at home and I had the attitude that I had, with all the comments I made to The Silence, I know I would of spent most of the time OTB.

We did finally arrive, and had a great time in China. A very busy time. I was good the first week, the second week was the week that things started to pack up a bit. A bit of PMT and a bit of sassiness that was nothing but pushing the buttons and knowing that The Silence could do nothing about it.

The flight back was slightly better. The Silence bought sleeping tabs for me in Singapore, after our 4 1/2 hour flight that left at 1.45am. I guess he didn't want a repeat of the trip over. Sleeping tabs are great if they work. I woke after an hour and a half with 5 1/2 hours to go....oh great :(

Yes, I was grumpy, and the plane was late leaving Singapore by almost two hours, so that when we finally made it to the airport at home, we had to circle for 20 mins while waiting for a space to land.

Patience it not a virtue I possess.  I am learning it though...slowly. Very, very slowly, and more slowly than I would like to.

So our first day back was spent doing, yet again, a mini boot camp. We both needed the retraining.  Today we are not having a boot camp day, but certainly are doing the 'you will jump when I say jump, and not ask how high' and ' you will not talk back, or have sassiness' etc. etc.

Anyway, missed you all while we were away. Only got into gmail once (thanks Fondles for posting my email, much appreciated) and blogger just was not happening at all. Strange being in a country that blocks most western sites.

Still have to read all your posts from the last two weeks. Right after I have a nap :)

hugs :)


  1. Hi M3 :)
    I truly am afraid to travel with Ian since we started dd, because I will have to sit in order to reach our destination. I am so grumpy, and I really don't want to be, but I hate lines and waiting.
    We are travelling in December and I'd better learn by your example and get some industrial strength sleeping meds.
    Glad you are back and that you had a good trip when you got there. Our son spent 6 weeks in China - he loved it there.

    1. Sleeping tabs are great if they work! And I think I would be taking them again if the need arose and we were flying. I hate the lines too and the waiting. China, you would think would be busy and fast...well I guess it is in some places, but certainly not where we were. The first lines were immigration. Oh my they were sooooooo slow!!!!! But customs was fast..oh wait...when you arrive in there is hardly any customs at all!! We basically walked straight through to the arrivals hall, which was good, as another line would of just tipped me over the edge again.
      Yep, Lillie, buy some sleeping is the only way to travel :)

  2. Hi M3, good to have you back.
    I'm glad you didn't really walk up to that pilot.
    He probably would have you spanked by all the passengers aboard. That would have kept you busy for the remainder of the flight.
    Personally I don't hate flying, but I do hate airports.

  3. Thanks Bas :)
    To be honest, I needed a good spanking by then!! I can look back now and see that. You are right, it would of kept me busy for the remainder of the flight and given me something to do. Maybe next time :)

  4. Sorry it took me so long to!

    ANYWAY. We too are going on a very long flight this March. I think our flight time is 14 hours ( we have to change planes) but from door to door, I think it is almost 20 hours. Lots of over the ocean (terrified of the ocean) flying. We'll see how that goes. I should be nicely distracted by my 3 princes and their excitement has they don't remember ever flying before.

    So now, back to the glue stick thingie. Did you just announce that it wasn't going to be used anymore? Because I don't know if that is going to hold water.

    I mentioned to Barney on 'testing' day that the plastic hanger was like a hard limit for me- he brought it up the other day. It is quiet ( I sure won't be) and it did have an effect on me. He's having a difficult making an impression shall we say. Sigh. Anyway, just don't get your hopes up is all I am saying.

    So happy you've retured to us all safe! Now try not to be snippy with post travel M3. I know I can get that way.

    Good Luck


  5. OH dear Willie, wish I had read this, this morning!

    Snippy has been my middle name today. Just posted about it :(

    You are right on Mr GlueStick. I am not holding my breath on that one, as today one of the implements that was tried and tested and discarded made an appearance again. No idea where he was hiding!

    For some reason the plastic hangers break on around strike three...The Silence says I have a cast iron butt. But oh yes, they hurt like the dickens too!

    So 20 hours door to door...sigh...I don't envy you one bit. Nope not one bit. Now dreading the six hour flight to our daughters six month course graduation next June, then another 8 hour flight to some part of Malaysia at the start of July.

    I would suggest that you purchase some sleeping tabs too. You might not need them, since you will be distracted with your three princes, but hey, better safe than sorry :) Safe journeys to you for March, though I am sure we will 'chat' long before then :) Hope you will still be able to blog while you are away.

    So good to be back, missed you all such a lot!

    1. Sorry to hear things didn't go very well yesterday. Um, as far as the hanger goes we have kids plastic ones, they are really sturdy, most likely because they are small..but keep that one to yourself.

      Thanks for the sleep aid suggestions, but I can't. I am not a paranoid person per se but I want to have all my faculties about me in case I am needed for the boys in an emergency. Well maybe not all. The 5 hours or so over the Ocean I might be a little tipsy!

      I'll be able to blog while away- just doubt I'll be ALLOWED to :)

  6. How long is your glue stick? it would have to be quite long to bend round the curve of your butt, I think, even if you were very slim there. Glue sticks here are only about 10 inches long, too short I would have thought for the kind of use you have experienced.

    A pity I couldn't have taken your flight for you, I love flying and the longer the better. Singapore airport is as good as any to have to spend time in, the orchid gardens and sunflower garden up top are so beautiful.

    1. Hi Malcolm

      Mr Glue is 16 inches long. The Silence melted them together and then put some heat shrink tubing over the glued together part. It is one of the worst implements we have and is only used for extreme correction :)

      Nope, sorry, hate flying! But you are right Singapore airport is great. On the way back we had a look at the orchid gardens and the butterflies. Great airport indeed!