Saturday, 13 October 2012

Day one is in the past, day two is here at last

Day two.

So, where to begin? Well lets start with the sneaky little turn I did when talking about DD and handing over information to the husband. One of the things with Domestic Discipline, well, is the discipline (with love, trust etc).
I knew that...he did not quite get the gist of that one....

So day two, is the day that I disrespected him and got a spanking..with the wooden spoon, four times on the butt. No big deal, hardly worth the effort really.

What I did forget is that my husband is no fool. He is intelligent, capable and smart enough to do his own researching. Duh me....
He must of realised there was more to it than a few quick smacks on the butt, and by the time I felt guilty enough to know that I had not handed over the information and I had better quick smart find some and print it off to give to him, he was already in the bedroom on his tablet looking it all up. He is smart, he is a technical person....of course he is going to look it up.

Ok, so back to the serious side. He found it really hard to spank me those 4 times, with a piddly wooden spoon. I could see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice. At this moment, I knew how much he loved me. A love that I had doubted for awhile. And out of his love for me, for our marriage, for our growing need to be the family that we were supposed to be, with the right dynamics as him as the Head of the Household, he spanked me with that ridiculous wooden spoon though his heart was not quite in it. He can see the benefits, see the results already (this is coming up to the end of day four, a bit behind..and I got the date wrong on my first blog)

I love this man, and wish that we had only started this many years ago. Our marriage could of been smoother, happier. It was only day two, with four little smacks and I was already starting to think about the effect of what I said, the disrespect, the putting down.

Anyway, that was the end of day two, day three came with its own problems and the new found knowledge that my husband had......


  1. I am enjoying your blog. I cannot always find time to comment on blogs, or even read them, because I have an online rule/limit.

    Do you think you could disable the "robot" feature? Because I am very lousy at proving myself as human and not a It takes me four or five attempts, and I don't have much time!



  2. Will see if I can find out how to remove that feature. Glad you are enjoying it. Thank you for your support in reading it, it is much appreciated. I don't have a time limit (yet) so get to enjoy yours at my leisure. And as I have said it is such an enjoyable read. Most times I can really relate!