Saturday, 13 October 2012

Day three is here and thoughts of disrespect are always near

Day three is here and thoughts of disrespect are always near....pity the thought of 'thou shalt not spend money necessarily' was not also near...

Why does one spend money when you really know (after all, are you daft or something) that you are not supposed too spend, and yet you walk into a shop and go 'oh that is nice' quietly hand over the money ($25) and walk out with a brand new purchase. Ok, so it was not for me, it was for someone else....hear that? I am trying to excuse the fact that I gave into a tendency  to spend money.

So this new feeling of guilt...what do you do with it. Well, if you are like me, then stew for an hour before texting your husband which went something like this:

'Don't want to tell you this but I am feeling really guilty because I spent money this morning without asking and I knew it was wrong. I am sorry. Since I said I was sorry there is no punishment is there?'
I could vacuum as punishment?'

Well, lets just manipulate the situation shall we. Problem being I have done a lot of manipulating over the years. I am good at it, not proud of the fact, but it has worked a treat in the past. Also this is day three right? So the husband is still a little naive, because lets face it, he has not done, up until here, all the research I have.
Why is it that I have such 'Duh' moments? My husband is not as naive as I think he is, and yet I still continue to live in fairy tale land where all is rosy (besides my butt that night) and husbands can be manipulated for my own good.

So lets continue with the text, so far two strikes: Spending the money, and manipulation of the punishment....

HoH: Oh, what did you buy?
Me:    A scarf for.........for $25
HoH:  Really? What for/Why does......need it?

(Seriously HoH? I am a woman and you are asking what for and why?)

Me:   Because it was nice and she doesn't need it. And I bought it without thinking and then realised that once again I had spent money that you said we didn't have and that I had not asked you. It is not her fault. So, now do you want me to vacuum or something?

And STRIKE THREE!!! The sassy undertone in a text. So my HoH is not that great with words and written tone, so maybe, just maybe I had got away with this one.

But lets, why not, take a larger spade and dig the proverbial hole a bit bigger shall we.

HoH: Cat box and Vacuum
Me:   Ok, it that it? All over with if I do those? Even if I disobeyed and disrespected you by spending the money? And I guess if this is going to work I should be honest enough to say that I have just taken your authority  by suggesting the punishment sorry.

And STRIKE FOUR!!!!  but you see, this is where the really, really, really annoying part comes in. I was going to push the back button on my phone and never, ever, ever send this message. Beware when you do updates on your phone that changes buttons just ever so slightly.....

Me: Bugger! Was meant to push the back button not the send! :(

At this point I thought it was prudent to do the vacuuming and the cat box. I am also beating myself up for being such an idiot for pushing the wrong button and cursing our stupid provider of the cell phone service for their stupid updates.
Thinking that this is going to make him happy that I have done what I was told (and suggested) I text him to tell him I have done it.

Me:    Done. Is that it? Is that the punishment over with?
HoH:  We can discuss this when I get home

Oh goody! A whole day to wait.

I have this intense stupid character flaw that never lets me know when enough is enough. You would think that after Strike one you would be quiet. Ok so the money was spent and it was going to be a spanking, shut your mouth while you are only one spanking ahead...after all, this is only day three and 10.30 am in the morning. He is at work, he comes home and four or five hours later he is asleep. But Noooooo, I have to carry it on, pushing, pushing, pushing to see how far it would go.

Well I found out. With his new found knowledge of spanking and a red, stinging rear.

I know he does not like doing this. It hurts him to do it (though I doubt very much it hurts as much as my rear does)
Today we went shopping. I only looked at items, briefly in passing, with the constant thought that my rear was not going through that again for spending. I am hoping the lesson learned is going to be a lesson that remains and that next week I am not going to see something and hear it calling my name from across the shop as I search frantically through my wallet as the item calls louder and louder....


  1. Ha, well I love scarves so I'm with you. When you find the perfect color, the perfect length, and the perfect fabric its completely irristable. So there, HOH.

    Anyway, good job getting through it. :)

    1. It was a darn nice scarf too! :)