Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Gender Benders..WHAT????

'Have you got the gender, bender?'


'Have you seen the gender bender, I need it'

The what? asked with a blank look. Hey, HOH, there is your clue right there....

'The gender bender plug'

Second clue coming right up....I am starting to lose patience with trying to work out what the hang a gender bender is....

'The gender bender, you plug it in'

Ok, right now I can almost be 100% certain, like me, you, that are reading this are wondering the same darn thing....
Clue three coming right up...


'The double plug, what you use to recharge with. English on one side, Asian on the other'


'Yes, it is called a gender bender'

UM ...yeah, where you work maybe....but not in my lifetime have I ever heard it called a gender bender!

Well, apparently being frustrated and raising your voice in THAT tone is not a good idea. As I found out tonight with the hurriedly made new implement. Something about disrespect and raising in the voice...well, hello!

Nor is it a good idea to call the HOH a pussy while you are still in the 'position'. Nor is it a good idea to laugh you head off after saying it.

Oh well you live and learn. And today I learnt that a gender bender looks nothing like the picture I had that was going  through my mind at the time.


  1. LOL! Oh dear.

    I didn't know what a gender bender was either, although I think I now know what a Phillips Head screwdriver is. I still bring him both.

    No, "pussy" is a word best left out of one's vocabulary, even when talking to an actual cat.

    I hate to think what he might start naming your new implements. ;)

  2. O_o Oh my goodness! By the way, I have no idea what a gender bender is either, and I used to sell industrial hardware & mill supplies, lol.

    My bottom hurts just thinking about comparing Ward to Jacob (the cat);-)

  3. A reverse adaptor... is the proper name for it, as I remembered this morning when I got up. I have no idea in what circles it is called a gender bender!
    Susie: I am usually pretty good with the names of tools and things, but this one just had me stumped from the first word. And yes, pussy, is a word that is better left out of my vocabulary :)
    I am not too sure which cat I would compare The Silence too. Though of course you are both right, comparing to the HOH to the cat again makes my bottom hurt again too June.