Wednesday, 17 October 2012


There is a very serious side to Domestic Discipline, I mean after all we are trying to improve the marriage or want to be submissive to our husbands as we should be.
I have tried to inject some form of humour into my blogs. This is a release for me. It is not to poke fun at this road we are on. Through the use of  humour and blogging I have found things out about myself. I use this to try and change the way I am.

DD also changes your way of thinking. This blog will be added to on the way through our journey which is going to last a lifetime. So I guess I should aptly name this one 'What? Part One'

This is for those little thoughts I am sure we all have from time to time when listening to someone else talking, or out and about, or those little incidences where DD has taken over your mind.

The first one is this.

While at lunch on Sunday with a church group, one of the young men, recently married was asked where his wife was:

'Oh I don't know, out somewhere for lunch with a friend'

And my immediate thought:

'WHAT you don't know where your wife is? You should know where your wife is! Where is her respect for you?'

Oh dear, so glad I did not say that out loud.
Or this one:

Our daughter is complaining about a sore finger, and all I am thinking is 'you have no idea, girl, no idea at all about sore!'

Or yesterday with her complaining about something. So out of mouth comes something I have heard my husband saying:

'You are really starting to push the boundaries!'

Or you go shopping, and as you wander up the isles anything that looks remotely like it could be good for spanking catches your eye. (In my case, as spanking seems to be happening everyday because of my mouth, something light, pretty and a cushion or a teddy bear)

Or you hear someone answering back (worse if it is your own child) and you think you would dearly love to put that person over your knee and give them a darn good spanking.

Or you say to your husband that your daughter's friend, who happens to be a male, but not boyfriend, when told that they would both make a good pair, that the male friends reply was 'no, I would bring her back with a note three weeks later saying you can keep her'
And my husband said his response to that male friend would be 'No, take her home and give her a darn good spanking'

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