Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Silence's (HOH) Hidden Talents.

Ok, so we are now two weeks down into our new lifestyle.

I have been married to this man of mine for over 20 years. He is now just starting to show some amazing talents, that he has kept hidden all those years.

He has a talent for turning 75 lines into a larger, magical number. Of course I am his assistant in this.

He has a talent for managing to put his wife (who weighs more than him) over his knee, while he is still standing, in the kitchen, before she even knows what is happening. I am his assistant in this too.

He can transport his wife and himself to the bedroom, while the wife is back peddling with lightening speed too. He does this so fast, it is like time travel. One minute he is in the bathroom and the next he is sitting on the bed with his wife OTK. Once again, I am his assistant in this too.

He also has this amazing talent of making things alright. Of giving good, long hard hugs after the event has finished, showing forgiveness and love. I also assist with this.

He also has a talent for being quiet while his wife is in CT. Sneaky, invisible. I am his assistant too in this pastime.
(Beginning to think he should be paying me for all this assistance as it is almost a full time job)

I am waiting (albeit with some trepidation) for the day when he shows other talents. Talents that he could get from other peoples posts.
All these I could be an assistant too. (seriously the money could be rolling in)

May your day be blessed and spank free!


  1. Just surfing by and found your blog. Welcome to the community. :)
    My Hubby has some hidden talents as well. One is coming up with odd things to spank me with. Last week he whacked me with a red licorice rope when he walked by me! It was in fun of course, but it stung like crazy!

  2. Thank you Emi :) Have not come up with that talent yet! I think that is funny though that your husband tried it. Did he share the licorice rope with you?

  3. Seriously laughing out loud, because every word is true. How do they do it...especially getting us essentially OTK in the kitchen. When he lets me up breathlessly I find myself hugging one arm as thought it might save me.

    Heh, I appreciate the fact that we are assistants here. We should be paid and paid well.

    Humm...better not let the men read this. They will say we are well paid.