Monday, 22 October 2012

Disobedience and his Uncontrollable Brother Disrespect Part 2

Ok, so I was on the subject of Disobedience that I said did not feature largely on the grand scale of things. That is, until last night.

"I will not do it! I will not stand there, I REFUSE too!"

'But we agreed on this'

"But that was in the daytime, not in the DARK'

'What else can we do. We did discuss this and came up with this solution'

"I don't care. I am not doing it'

That was last nights conversation downstairs while our daughter was upstairs, comfortably laying on the couch watching TV.

I had messed up (disrespect...sigh). The Silence decided that perhaps some corner time would be beneficial for me.
We HAD discussed corner time when the girl was home. We HAD decided that downstairs in the garage would be a good place for me to go, so that the girl was unaware of what was going on. I thought that was during daylight, not at night time. Even though there is a light down there, it is a BIG garage, HUGE in fact. Our house is not that big (hence the reason for the difficulty of carry out punishments and discipline when the girl is home) but the garage goes from one end of the house to the other.
The  post/pillar/support that was agreed upon to be the 'Place of Reflection' is just outside of the light. Really it would not matter where it was at night time, as where ever you are down there, you can hear the rustling, creepy, crawling things. There are snakes and BIG BIG SPIDERS where we live. The wildlife here is just that - WILDLIFE and they are SCARY!!

Whether you are standing in or out of the light you can hear them planning their attack on unsuspecting sassy sassy sassy toes.

 And if you stand in the light, the neighbours are likely to see you standing there for some unknown reason staring at a wall.

Anyway, got the capsican cream last night, right before bed. Not as a replacement spanking for outright disobedience, but as a reminder of what is coming. My gosh that stuff can burn! and it is not the real cream they recommend for silent spanking.
The Silence kept rubbing it when the burn was starting to fade...which as I am sure some of you know, brings the burning sensation right back again. Once on, that stuff eliminates the need to rub the rear, even when you are tempted too.

We are gradually settling into what is going to work for us, while still having a teenage girl living at home. This is only day 12. There has been changes. Noticeable ones too. Though the disrespect is still there, I am sure it is getting less.
I was able to keep control better yesterday before church and not stress about whether we were going to be late etc. I am thinking, most times, of what I am saying.
We now have to recognise and pin point those times that perhaps I need some 'down time' before things start to get out of hand in the mouth department. Especially when my back is up! It is mainly those times now that are causing the most problems.
Today while he is at work I have to work through several 'reminder punishments' in preparation for tonight, so that I wont forget what I should be focusing on. No doubt, since The Silence is so fond of lines I will be busy today with pen and paper.
May your day be blessed and be spank free :)


  1. Found you...but my battery is dead...will be back!

  2. That's really smart, M3, not something Ward and I have ever thought of, but I like the idea! Pinpointing times of stress and taking proactive measures to avoid the behavior that could lead to problems. I'm going to show this to Ward!

  3. Good luck June, so far, I lose it long before I can pinpoint the start of the problem! I have what some would call 'A fly of the handle' personality. Though it is starting to improve. :)

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  5. Callie, your comment still came through on email. Do you still want to know? Or would it be better not to tell you in case your HoH reads the comments and decides it would be a good idea, as mine has done with several blogs :)